Weiße Haut mit Photoshop | Tutorial Deutsch |

Weiße Haut mit Photoshop | Tutorial Deutsch |

Hello again, I greet you.

Today we want to take care again about superhero glasses.

Since we had taken care of last week to this black superhero glasses and this Week it should go to the whites.

Perhaps indeed one or the other of you had have wondered how this works, given that the skin so beautiful white.

really white, as if the makeup is on it.

That's what we want to take care of today.

I zoom Now this once on my picture.

And should now so one or the other of you, who may have seen the last video last week, which was perhaps the image already know.

And we have this mask created in black, and I'll show you now get with a simple trick, as we can easily do this mask.

And While I go for it again in this.

We do have last week, as I said, this Gradiationskurve created and this black level.

I pull out the properties back to me.

As you know we have so to speak, pulled us that bow down to make it so beautiful has become dark.

Now I take this Gradiationskurve and put it into the other Direction, in the Light, in the bright tones.

And as you can see, we have white Skin.

I watch you at the times, we are now getting so beautiful white skin.

This white makeup.

I'll think just what that is.

It means I think Grimas Make-Up, the this is indeed based on water.

So this looks as if it is really there has are brushed once with such an elaborate make-up, so does that now also.

This is real Snow White.

We can amplify as I said, when we go back this curve weaken a bit, it looks a little more natural.

But then, as you see, get we here then again, the gray tones.

That's why I put this now but again a bit on.

But as you can see, we now get a white mask.

even here on the lip area that has become whiter.

At least the midtones and lights, which have become now correctly Snow White.

Sure, the dark tones which can of course will not know they're contrasts.

And also remain dark.

But, our midtones, and our lights are now white.

Yes folks, that's it for Today, more was not at all.

That's the whole secret to white skin.

I hope you liked, if so, let a favorite there.

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Yes, maybe you now so inspired, that ye ransetzt right now and experiment yourself to your portraits around want.

If so, I would be very happy real when her time in the comments below, times would link your creations.

I would like to look at me really even know what have conjured her from it.

as you have solved her.

Maybe you have even a private Video made it.

Horny thing, I'm really happy würds look at times.

maybe you yes my video inspired a bit and also helped.

Would be great if you then perhaps would so pack an even below link.

Who now in the video actually only station has understood, because he did not know what the comic for adjustment layers were that we have moved there.

I now just look straight talk.

Where I now hinzeige there will be a link where I link the mood of what we have done before.

As we the black to create a mask that needs naturally for her.

This workflow takes her course, to the white mask hinzubekommen.

And I'll show times down.

Since then next Week to link to it, as we do.

This selection for the superhero glasses that is to link there.

Then you need because just click up and then you are already there.

Then you have all together workflows to create truly your own super hero.

I hope you liked it.

I hope you have taken a lot from the video.

I'd be pleased as I said.

And see you next time again dear ones.


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