Using the Photo Cocktail Extension in CorelDRAW X8

Using the Photo Cocktail Extension in CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we're going to examinethe Photo Cocktail Extension within CorelDraw X8.

Photo Cocktail allows you to generate astunning image, using your favorite photos from a collection of your photos.

One image will be the source, and the remainder will be used to create a mosaic.

To prepare for this, create a folder on your desktop or other location, and copy the images that you want to use for your project.

I've created a folder called flowers, andcopied my images into that.

Once you've prepped your folder and the images It's time to import the source image.

I'm going to go on to my next page, select Import from my toolbar, and I'll bring in my sourceimage.

Simply a matter of clicking and dragging for the size, and now it's time to bring in myPhoto Cocktail Extension.

If you have not already purchased thePhoto Cocktail Extension, go to your Welcome Screen, select GetMore, click on Get More, and then click on Extensions.

Here you can purchase the Photo CocktailExtension.

I'm going to close this out as I've already purchased it.

I'll go back to my main document, andthen from the Effects menu, go down to Photo Cocktail.

Now as I already have my source image on page, I have the ability to keep that as anoriginal within the document.

Under Library, I'm going to browseto where my images are.

So simply click on Browse.

I'll select the folder, and then click on Select Folder.

Now under Grid Density, for Columns, this box lets you specify how many columns of tiles to include in the mosaic.

The bigger the number, the more detail in the mosaic.

for Rows, shows the number of rows to be included in the mosaic.

The number is automatically calculatedbased on the value in the columns box.

i'm going to set this to 75.

optimization controls allow you torecreate the reference image more accurately, By applying a blending effect.

This blending box lets you specify to what extent to blend the referencecolors with the tile colors.

Higher values increase the likeness of themosaic to the reference image.

Under Duplicates allows you the ability to repeat tiles, as well as dictate the distancebetween the repeated tiles.

You can specify the minimum number oftiles that surround duplicate tiles in the minimum distance box.

The output controls let you define thecomposition and quality of the final mosaic.

Either a single bitmap, bitmapstacked, or bitmap array.

And then of course, output resolution.

I can either use the priority of matching document, custom DPI, custom tile dimensions, as well as custom output dimensions.

I'm going to leave these settings asthey are.

I'll scroll down, and it's simply a matter of clicking on Apply.

Photo Cocktail will go throughthe entire folder of images, and apply those in an array that will match what I have on screen.

It will automatically adjust the brightnessand contrast of images, to help fill in the lighter or darker areas as it goes through the calculations.

Now depending on the settings you'reusing with respect to grids, columns, and blending, it can increase the time it takes to do the calculations.

And now that it's done, I'm going tozoom into our image with a shift+F2, select my Zoom tool, and as you can see the imageis made up of the images that were in the folder that I had selected.

That's all there is to it! This extensionis fun, and easy to use.

Go ahead and experiment with the various settings.

Do keep in mind that the higher the columns, the more images you have, the longer it will take to process.

This is a great little project for a birthday party, maybe an anniversary or something likethat, where you want to do a large poster, a large banner with multiple images, anda great way to celebrate a special occasion.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial andthanks for watching.

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