Using the Border and Grommet Extension for CorelDRAW X8

Using the Border and Grommet Extension for CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we're going to examinethe Borders and Grommets Extension within CorelDRAW X8 The Border and Grommet Extension for CorelDRAW lets you add borders and grommet markers to banner designs when preparing them for printing.

Grommets are rings that are placedaround the perimeter of a banner, and allow for strings or ropes to beinserted through the grommet to stretch a banner properly for mounting.

To access this extension if you have already downloaded it, go to Tools, then down to Borders and Grommets.

If you have not yet accessed it, go to the welcome screen.

You're going to click on "Get More".

Select "Extensions" and you can access itthrough here.

Going to close this off because I have already downloaded it.

Let me go to my file, and then Tools >Border and Grommets.

Once the page is populated in my previewwindow, I can select either page or selection.

If I have few objects on thepage and I want to put borders around those, then it's simply a matter of usingthe selection option.

I'm going to add a border to this.

I can dictate the size of border – I'mgoing to go with 1.

5 inches.

And now I want to select grommets.

I'm going to add grommets, I also have the ability of placing mygrommets in the border area.

For size of grommet, you can go with whatever size grommets you're using.

For this tutorial, I'm going to go with.

5-inch Next area, you'll notice that we have placement.

By default it give me grommet marks inthe four corners.

I can select along the top, bottom left and right I also have the ability of set thespacing.

I'm going to change the spacing.

so select spacing.

My vertical, I want togo with 10.

Now, this is a 6-foot banner.

On myhorizontal, I want to go with 12.

So automatically it'splace the grommets for me.

And now it's simply a matter of clicking okay- -and as you can see, it's placed thegrommets for me.

Now I simply need to print this out.

That's all there is to it! Thanks for watching this short tutorial on borders, and grommets with in CorelDraw x8.

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