Tutorial Membuat Emblem Badge Label di Corel Draw

Tutorial Membuat Emblem Badge Label di Corel Draw

Hello friends, I'll see you again with the Brotherhood, in the channel Brotherhood Yutub This time we will learn together make emblems, or some sort of badge label yes Later we will make according to samples here Like this.

OK we just started We make in the first place is a circle So that the circle could be nice, we press Ctrl Approximately segini OK.

The circle then we zoom out by pressing the Shift key on the keyboard So that results center So small it could fit in the middle So far the press, right click so that the result into a double.

Or duplicate this Same thing with the copy yes Then copied again.

Same way, diminished kept right click Shrink, right click.

So before being released left click, right click was yes Then, the outermost line, or outermost line to about 6 pt bold Will depend on each.

Approximately only resized Then, we make a rectangle with ractangle tool Approximately segini.

we centerkan Then, the next step is we copy This outermost line we copy, Ctrl + C Then Ctrl + V to Paste So we can be this 2 Then we change his line, or the line to 1 pt only So, it's a thin line.

To be clear we change into his white line Like this.

Then we changed again to the present, Arc yes Click yes, that was interrupted.

It is our goal to make these lines yes Then, we press Ctrl + Q to change into Curve Or you can also right-click, Convert to Curve Then we double-click or use the Shape tool Click here friends, click Click.

So we create a new node here and here Nodes that are here in the delete Yes, remove yes Staying leaving this section This section will we change the shape to be like this Sorry it is still raining so his voice mixed with gluduk and rain Hopefully they can be listened to with a good OK.

It clicked kept us press i or friends can click the Artistic Media tool Select the option Brush, then a part here Scroll Then select the shape of this Then tap or click this section, Scale stroke with object Changes color to black, we change again so white Like this Then we doubled, or we copy, circling this line I click then we change the center point.

Center-moving So if it is clicked once, then click once again a circular arrow yes, around the object We change the center of rotation of the central point here to the center of a large circle Then friends turn Window, Dockers, Transformations, Rotate Once again.

Window, Dockers, Transformations, Rotate Its function is to make it easier to rotate or rotate As we will create five objects then each one of us make it revolves corner form the 72 " Because 72 x 5 was 360 yes The results of his copy 1,2,3,4 We write.

Type 4 here, the angle 72 Then we click on Apply.

So like this Up here is an easy yes.

Then we go We will change this line into objects By pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q Or (Object), Convert outline to object.

Ctrl + Shift + Q Then, we'll take part of this line by using the Smart fill Click here parts, parts here, and here part Then we will cut a line or circle the most in We view first little box Then press Shift, click here We use Trim to cut This already thrown away Then here we Weld part, or we combine Already formed like this yea For the color we can use the eyedropper (eyedropper atributes) All we have to add text and star To facilitate this we Group first.

Selection, Ctrl + G her text OK, for us to change its text font any Live resize yes Premium Quality.

Here I use the font Thirsty Script Changed color, size adjustable We averaged by pressing the C key on the keyboard Color.

then the star Ctrl wear the star again so nice Copy, move, right-click Copy again there.

Sliding, right-click Save copied down Something like that For the process of making a simple emblem To the difficulties encountered can be asked in the comment column OK, so first we meet again in the next video I will make a couple of different emblems See you later.


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