Tutorial Membuat Emblem Badge Label di Corel Draw Part 2

Tutorial Membuat Emblem Badge Label di Corel Draw Part 2

Hello friends, I'll see you again with the Brotherhood, in the channel Brotherhood Yutub This time we are going to make emblems With a different shape (of course) As this is what we make So go ahead friends Pertema form we make is a circle wave By using the Star tool Click, we specify the number of angles.

20, section here We picture.

Click, drag.

We hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard so that the result is good Then we cut off the edges using the Shape tool Here ya Pull away from this point to the outside of the circle Approximately segini Then look at the edges Here taper.

We will make it a smooth undulating How, press Ctrl + Q Or right-click, Convert to curves Then using the Shape tool again, the selection all Press section, or click the Convert to curve in toolbar Then click again Symmetrical node over here Then friends note ends of the circle or star had already become surging Then we will make circles We always use the Ctrl key on hold so that the result is good, symmetrical I would put this circle right in the middle of the circle wave How, we selected both.

Then press the C and E We copy this circle into the way we pull Inside, by holding the Shift key on the keyboard Then right click to copy Then we will make this a blue ribbon I would use a polyline Friends can also use the Bezier The trick us click here Then click here click here So click – off, click – off so yes Click, click Double-click to end Editable little if any perceived lack of fit Then, we use the Extrude Usually used to create 3D objects Here we choose the middle – bottom Then drag the line we just created Pulled down about – about segini Free OK.

Then we will separate between the lines with his extrude results Do I press Ctrl + C or right-click, Break Extrude Group Apart Yes, followed by Ctrl + U to split Then we separate this line with the results extrudenya This is the line in just delete.

Throw away Then we will add one node here.

The way we use double click or Shape tool Double-click in the middle here Then slide to the left Part here too.

Double-click to add nodes Then slide to the right Ok, its basic form is already finished.

We will color using the eyedropper (Attributes Ayedropper) Live copied in color Here we will put the end – the end of the tape Here and here, to the rear So do we click then pressed the Shift key to select an object that many 4 selected object.

Then we press PageDown Yes, like that If the length is less extendable bit Then we just add text By using the Text tool just type Change Case, APPERCASE.

In order to uppercase I use a text (font) Free Staying at just set the position and size White color Then for the text above, Best Seller, we use the Text tool again We point to the outside of the circle here A small circle.

We point to the A-shaped icon appears small And underneath there is a curved line It must be fitted on the edge of the circle, or at the edge of the circle yes.

we click We just write ya.

So it appears Cursor Here note, there is a red dot.

Small box yes This function is to shift.

We just pull there About – about equally between the left and right Then here we can adjust the position of the text as well OK.

Something like that Thus a way of creating emblems As an example Friends if they find difficulty can be asked directly in the comments Do not forget to subscribe my channel to get other tips about design Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Illustrator I would periodically make the next tutorial videos OK see you.


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