Tutorial CorelDRAW – Como Reticular Monocromia

Tutorial CorelDRAW – Como Reticular Monocromia


I am Moacir Ferreira and I am here today to show you how to make a monocromía with Corel Draw.

Welcome, you are in GENESIS advice.

Well, here I have an image open in RGB Bitmap Bitmap.

the first thing is a very simple tutorial; It is not common to do this in Corel but possible.

Let us begin, the first thing to do is come up to the Bitmap tab and converting the image to Bitmap.

Coloco convert Bitmap.

how many I have the option of BPI want.

I will preserve 300 DPI and here in color module, the same is in RGB and I will move to shades of gray.

when I give Ok, ready, my image is already in shades of gray.

We zoom in on the image.

gray though still an image.

I will go back to Bitmap and down on Transformation of Color, there is an option called halftone, I click Halftone up here now and I angulation black, ie is black because I did a monochrome, remember, monocromía is not washable, what I'm doing is a monkey, is a single color, then the angle is 45 °, a good angle for black and here I have the size difference point being that 2 is a closed point, lower point, and 10 is a major point, everything will depend on the effect you want to give that image.

Let's leave at 10, I give Ok and get a picture reticulated all ready to print, to make a fotolito, make an image.

If by chance you want to transform this image is crosslinked in another color, it's possible, Recalling that fotolito is necessary that it be in black, as it is now, Now if by chance you want to do a sublimation or you want to do a data sheet and show how it will look in another color too easy.

Select the image again, back to Bitmap and now we are reconverting to RGB.

Ready, the image is already in RGB, I have the image on the screen, selected, go to Effects, Set, Replacing Colors and here it the previous color is black, and what I want is to replace, I choose at the bar or if you know the current color code you want to use.

I will place a red.

let's see how it looks.

Or I can just come here and drag my bar here.

perfect, here is my picture in reticulated red.

Ready is all.

Continues to accompany our videos, hits!.

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