Tutorial Cara Menggunakan 3-Point Curve di Corel Draw

Tutorial Cara Menggunakan 3-Point Curve di Corel Draw

Hello friends, I am back again with the Brotherhood in the Brotherhood channel Yutub At this meeting we will discuss the menu or tool 3-Point Curve where the tool is something like function with bezier and pen OK, we are going to practice how to make an object here For its own object we will be looking at Google We can copy and paste here OK, to facilitate, when I normally would make this image become transparent Using the Transparency Tool The trick in just click the image and then click it, the Uniform Transparency Click, OK.

The picture has become transparent Henceforth we will lock the image so that later the picture can not be removable OK, we just started by selecting the 3-Point tool Yak, we specify a starting point here.

Can be here too but we are trying to from here first Click, drag yes.

This is still detained, we pull up here, we take off Later in the shape of the arch of his sample objects Click, yak.

Then to connect to the next line we have to draw closer pointer to this point So there is a broken arrow yes Now we click, hold, slide.

In drag up here Loose, then bend This click here yes.

Click here.

If it is a new position at the click fitting.

Click, yak Then again there is an arrow connecting broken again, we hold to this point Click, drag, yes up here.

We release the mouse or click off its Then we point here.

Then click.

Yak, continued Connect, click, drag, off here.


Then click, drag, scroll or bend Click, drag, drop, sliding To Zoom In – Zoom Out can use the scroll mouse Scroll ride = Zoom In, Zoom Out Scroll down =.

So easy For simplicity we draw Click, drag, drop, sliding Click, drag, off here, sliding a little Then connect again.

Remember, it must fit the point Or will appear this broken arrow If it does not fit the line later will not converge Later the line so apart separation (sorry no cat passing) OK, connect again, we close here Why is this really direct us straight here? Yet there is a kind of bone leaves so Because we want this nice curve yes So, we are here to point directly from here Then for that we are drawing later.

OK We pull from here to here Click, connect, disconnect, bend slightly.

Here, yak This is good way of using 3-Point Click, connect If you want straight lines do not have to be bent Then we will do Trim This khan was straight like this, there are no details of his We will be using the icon Trim Trim this We click.

Yak, we move so that visible results Being like this yea We love the colors so vivid It's easy to khan friends to use 3-Point Curve Henceforth we will learn how to use Bezier and Pen Therefore please click SUBSCRIBE so that friends can continue to monitor.

the latest videos from our OK, so first for this video See you later.

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