Photoshop Tutorial : Scrapbooking With Photoshop CS3

Photoshop Tutorial : Scrapbooking With Photoshop CS3

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Hi, I'm Steve Anthony.

I'm a photographer and a digital retouching artist here in New York City.

In this clip,we're going to talk about scrapbooking with Photoshop CS3.

Now, there's so much that youcan do with Photoshop.

What I'm going to do is just open up some some images that we canwork with.

Here's a, here's a background texture that's kind of interesting.

We're just goingto create a page for a scrapbook, and let's start with the background.

This happens tobe just something I downloaded.

And then, maybe I want to have a nice picture of, howabout a picture of my sweetheart and myself? Now, what I'd like to do is take the rectangularmarquee tool and just grab a small portion of that picture just by going, creating themarquee and then going edit, copy, and then go ahead and close that image, and paste it,edit, paste right into our background picture.

I might want to give that a little bit ofa, oh a little bit of, a little bit of shape, so I'm going to go ahead and rotate it byusing the transform/ rotate tool and place it a little bit off center maybe.

That mightbe interesting.

Hit enter to save those changes, and let's let's give it a little bit of adrop shadow why don't we, so go into layer, layer styles, drop shadow, and if you slidethat window over you can get a preview of what it's going to look like.

You can changethe angle of the light and the distance of the shadow from the picture.

That looks kindof interesting so let's go with that.

And maybe we want to have some text in there,so we select our text tool and just enter some text.

And as you can see, that text is very small;can't really see it, so we're going to open up our character dialog box.

I'm going tochange it from 12 points to let's say 72 points.

That certainly does the trick as far as sizegoes.

And another trick you can do for doing some scrapbooking is to take your brush tool andselect a fun brush shape, like for example leaves.

You can also download any number ofof different brushes that will give you all sorts of special effects.

I had to make surethat I was in the right layer.

Now as you can see, this is, this is just real quick and silly, and now this I can eitherprint out on my printer at home, or I can take it to a a local print house and havethem print it out, and paste that right into a my photo book, my scrapbook, or I can createa digital scrapbook just by building pages like this.

I hope this is useful to you.

I'msure you'll find much more creative ways of scrapbooking, but this is a basic way of howto use some of Photoshop's tools to get that done.

This is Steve Anthony, and this hasbeen how to scrapbook with Photoshop CS3.

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