Photoshop Tutorial : How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial : How to Stretch a Picture With Photoshop

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Hi I'm Steve Anthony,I'm a photographer and digital retouching artist here in New York City.

In this clipwe are going to talk about how to stretch a picture in photoshop.

There are a coupleof ways to make your picture larger.

The simplest way is to go into your image fly out, selectimage size and enter the dimensions of the size that you like the picture to be.

Letssay you'd like it to be twelve eighty by eight hundred.

Enter those numbers and the picturewill magically be transformed to that size.

Now the risk that you run when you use thatmethod, make it a hundred percent size again.

Is that you when you take a small image andmake it larger in Photoshop you can run the risk of adding digital information, pixelizationthat you don't want.

The best way to avoid that is to incrementally increase the sizeof your image.

And what I mean by that is that you simply take, you change, you go intothe image size fly out, instead of using pixels use a percent.

And change the percent to ahundred and ten percent and if you select constrain an image, constrain proportionsthen you only need to do it to one box and it will automatically do it to the other one.

Then select ok.

And your picture is now then percent larger but for some reason we stilldon't know why frankly but this is a little trick that photoshop power users have discoveredover the years.

But now you've made the picture ten percent larger and have not introducedany pixelization or any digital artifacts.

In fact you can keep doing this as many timesas you need to until the picture is the size that you want it to be.

And you will not bedistorting any of the pixels.

Those are two ways to do it.

There is yet another way, goto image.

I'm sorry go to select all, edit cut, edit paste, the image will now be, I'mgoing to shrink it on the screen just so, zoom out so you can see what I'm doing.

Nowit's been pasted as a new layer, you can go to transform, scale, hold down the shift keyto keep it relative to itself and stretch the size of the picture.

This way you canisolate a certain portion of the picture, it's really cropping I suppose, but maintainingthe exact size of your you know your canvas size.

Hit enter when you've done what youwanted to do.

That can be a risky method because it can also add some, some digital artifactsand some pixelation.

But it's an option.

This is Steve Anthony and this has been how tostretch a picture in Photoshop.

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