Photoshop Tutorial – Cartoon Effect

Photoshop Tutorial – Cartoon Effect

In this video, I will share with you how to create the same effect as in the cartoon.

I will create effects similar to this picture.

🙂 First, I need to duplicate the original image.

Shortcuts [Ctr + J].

Use filters "Surface Blur" to smooth the image.

Select an appropriate value.

The purpose of this step is smoothing.

Comparing the change.

Next, [Brush Strokes] – [Crosshatch].

This step helps black be clearer, better effects.

This value changes according to each different picture.

Now the lips, I will change the color to lips with something like this.

Use [Lab Color].

Copy channel [a] and paste it into the channel [b].

Very cool, right? 🙂 Similar results.

^^ The main section was completed.

Last step is to separate the background and replace a more suitable background.

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Have fun.

🙂 Contrast a little correction to better results.

Source: Youtube