Photoshop! #Costips-012

Photoshop! #Costips-012

Hello And welcome to Costips! We have all the things about cosplay.

For everyone even if you're newbie or didn't even know how to start.

I'm Haji.

And I'm Kaew.

As we've said the topic will be picked from the comment in the last episode.

And today's topic is.

How to edit the photo using Adobe Photoshop! So that's what we'll be doing.

But for now let's move on to the next part first! Welcome to 'Even if you know'! As you've known in this part we'll bring you Knowledge.

Which can't be use in your daily life.

And today's topic is History of Adobe Photoshop! This program was first created in 1990.

Which is 30 years since that day.

This program which has been created by the knolls brother.

Could have been failed because there's no one interested in this project But in the end the adobe group bought this project.

And made it the program that have 30,000,000 users account.

Which is around 100,000,000,000 Thai Bath! And that's all for today's even if you know! Welcome to the 'Location Finder'! And today we're at Unicorn Cafe! So, how do you feel when you got here? Well.

It's very 'pink'.

I think.

Feels like I got struck in the fairy.


It's fairy tales.

So today we'll have this location finder part first.

Because this times is about editing a photo.

So we'll have to took a photo first then we'll show you how to edit it latter.

So, for how to get here is by BTS Chongnonsri.

The 2nd exit then you can walk on foot here.

And this shop also have costumes rental services.

Like this one I'm wearing and it's also free! So you can use it the way you wanted.

So let's take some photos for now! And welcome to Trick&Tips! Which will be teaching you Adobe Photoshop today! So we'll use the photo we took at unicorn cafe and edit it.

Here's what we'll be doing today.

We'll change the background first then adjust the lighting.

So I'll be explaining while doing so watch closely.

Now this is called Dicutting.

First create a layer.

Then use this lasso tool by pressing L.

Di cutting is like cutting a picture.

To get only what we wanna use.

Then slowly draw the line.

So there's a part of this lamp here.

Just don't worry draw the line like usual.

We'll be correcting this later.

For these holes we'll be using another tools.

By using this magic wand tools press w for short cut.

So magic wand is for How do I put this.

It's like selecting the area with the same color of where you clicked.

And create path on it.

And we're done with pathing.

For the detail we'll be using alt key then draw a line.

Next is little trick by click select on top of the screen then modify then feather.

Change to 1.

5 By doing this the edge of your selecting will be blured a little.

Which will make your di cut looks better.

Then press ctrl+J to jump layer.

See using feather will make the edges looks smooth.

Next the lamp part.

Drag the layer we used before to the top.

Then use stamp tool pressing s Stamp tool is like copying one section to another.

Doing while explaining.

Isn't this a bit cruel to me? It's not like you're very nice to me from the begining.

Then use layer mark.

Then brush it.

Then we'll be merging all the layer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E.

Then the merged new layer will appear.

Next will be combining the picture before with this Bigben.

Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy The put it here by pressing Ctrl+V.

Then correct the scaling of the picture.

Then drag the di cutted layer on top.

Then there's some blank space left on the right side so we'll crop them out using c key.

So the picture of Kaew is a bit yellowish.

So we'll use color balance.

After we change the color balance.

Use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E again.

Then press Ctrl+Shit+A Then change the temperature graph.

To the yellow side.

Then lowered the Highlights graph.

Which will darken the too bright part.

So we've got the picture that's on the same tone.

So we'll be correcting Kaew's tone first.

Jump another layer on top.

Press I for color balance.

Use brush size 30 and brush her on.

Then merge all the layer.

Then use exposure.

The increase the offset option to make things look smoother.

And decrease Gamma correction a bit.

Then I'll decrease the light which will make this picture look likes it's took at night.

Then I'll use hue and bring up the red light a bit.

Which will make the picture looks more out standing Then change the picture's tone.

Now we have to correct the color tone again which can be seen on Kaew's hair.

By using hue then adjust saturation to black then mark the layer.

Next bring up the smoke effect.

Put it on the picture.

You can do this only when the smoke's background is black.

Here, Press Screen.

Then mask the layer turn the masked to black.

Then use the brush with opacity of 10-20 and slowly use it.

Where you want.

Next we'll be adding Lens Flare.

Then I'll use layer mask to erase the part of lens flare we don't need.

Then we'll add the light.

Path where we want to add the light.

Use Feather at 20.

Add color.

Press Alt+Delete Then select Soft Light.

Put the opacity down.

Change the size of light.

Add a little blue to make it looks like it's in the night.

It's almost done for now so I'll show you the one that I've done it.

And that's how it's done! So, I want to tell you that the process i taught in this clip is just a guideline.

So you should learn from me and adapt it your way.

And the most important thing in learning is experience.

And that's all for today's Trick&Tips! And that's all for today's Costips! And thanks to unicorn cafe which let us use their places for shooting! If you have something be sure to leave the comment below.

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