Photoshop CC Tutorial  T Shirt Design Part 3

Photoshop CC Tutorial T Shirt Design Part 3

Photoshop Tutorial T-Shirt design part 3 Select -Text- tool Select font type Press Ctrl + T for change size Hold -Shift- to save proportionality Right click then choose -Skew- Press Enter Press Ctrl + A to select all Press Ctrl + D for deselect Press Ctrl + J for duplicate layer Right click then choose -Rasterize- Choose -Pen Tool- to drawing Press and hold -Space- key then move your worksheet Change the oppacity to 0 Lets continue drawing Press -Ctrl- while editing the line Press Ctrl + Z to undo Press -Space- then move your worksheet Press -Alt- to edit the corner Press -Ctrl- to edit point tool Change the oppacity to 100 again Choose one other layer then click -Masking Tool- Choose -Brush Tool- Click -layer copy- then erase by -Brush Tool- Choose 2 layers by pressing -Shift- then choose layer above Choose first layer and click -New Layer- Draw using -Pen tool- again The drawing technique are same with before Press Enter Chose all of layer by hold -Shift- Press Ctrl + G to group the layers Choose word layer, then click -Fx- and choose -Stroke- Open group layer, then choose top layer click -New layer- Choose Grup then duplicate by press Ctrl + J Bring the layer out from group bottom Choose word layer then move it Create a new layer Then draw with -Pen tool- again Chang the color with -Fill- The drawing technique are same with before To Move an object with -Free hand tool- Press -P- key on your keyboard,it's the shortcut for -path- tool Press Ctrl + Enter Press Ctrl + D Make all object/layers to one Choose first layer then Press and hold -Shift- Choose layer in bottom Choose -Rectangle Tool- to draw Press Ctrl + T then change size Dont forget Press "ENTER" Add and edit the outline Make outline same with other Duplicate layer by Press Ctrl + J Press Ctrl + T to move and edit Add mock-up t-shirt Choose all of layers Drag to mock-up t-shirt Change size by Ctrl + T Press Ctrl + E to join the layers.

Source: Youtube