Photoshop Animation Tutorial – Burning Candle Light Effect

Photoshop Animation Tutorial – Burning Candle Light Effect

This is the result of this tutorial.

You can practice on all versions of Photoshop.

Set the size for the file.

W: 800 px – H: 600 px – R: 72 dpi Choose a background color similar to Black.

Create a new layer.

Use the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" draw the body of a candle.

Still choose Black at first.

Gradient Tool.

Hold [Shift] and drag the mouse to the left.

Press [Ctrl + D] – Delete the selection.

Adjust the contrast and brightness to better results.

I rename this layer.

Now, Using the Pen tool draw curved on the top of the candle body.

Right click – Make Selection.

Select a value 0.

5px to smooth edges.

Press [Ctrl + D] – Delete the selection.

Add a new layer.

Make sure its position is located below the layer "Candles".

Brush Tool.

Select Black (# 000000).

Right click.

Hardness: 100% – Size: 5 px Draw a short.

[Ctrl + Click]: load selection.

Choose White.

Right click – Hardness for the brush is 0%, I will draw the top.

Burning effects.

[Ctrl + D] Draw flames on this layer.

[Ctrl + D] Select a value for the most beautiful glowing effect.

Glowing effect in the body of the candle is not necessary.

I use layer masks to remove this effect.

[Ctrl + Click]: load selection.

Select the Layer mask icon.

[Ctrl + I]: Reverse.

Duplicate this Group.

[Ctrl + T]: Change the size, change the Center and stretching it out a bit.

Duplicate this Group and repeat.

Add a new layer, select the color Black, use the Brush drawing half section below.

I need the highlight of light.

Click in the position of this layer.

Create animation.

Window – Timeline.

Note in the position of the arrow.

Great right? You can design a birthday card with animation like this.

Add color to the impression.

Finally, exporting a file.

Source: Youtube