Neon Flame

Neon Flame

Paint text effect tutorial For this purpose, we first need to create a brush We will use the "key tool B-" to draw the shape brush We need a form commensurate with the help us to create a brush suit 🙂 So.

Let us create a polygon shape When you rotate the object, hold down the "control" to pick up an object to 15 degrees.

This will help you to rotate the object easly to 90 degrees Hold down the "shift" when you resize objects Select all shapes and then press the "C" and "E" to align objects Let us align the brush with the shape point polygon points Now we have the relative brush shape Remember, hold down the "shift" when you resize shape.

The modified form will have a center in the same place with the previous figure In the next step we need to create a step 2 within the contour The shape is very small, and I can make only 1 step inside the contour.

You can change the "contour compensation" but I will not make the shape slightly larger in this case just to move faster Press the "Ctrl + K" to separate the contour inside of the form Let's add colors.

The medium format you need to have a color-lit Are grouped into new shapes were created.

We need to ungroup them so that we can control them separately Now let us blend the middle shape with the shape lower Hold down the "left click" and drag the shape to the lower midle form He said that the combination effect is not working properly, it seems we need to rotate 1 shape or form to reflect Vertically mirror is the solution in this case.

Repeat the steps with the upper and middle form Now all shapes define and press "Ctrl + G".

This will group all forms toghether.

Media tool SELEC Artistiac and "left click" once grouped shapes Now we can save the brush created in the folder custom brush.

Write text and then convert it to curve.

"Ctrl + Q" Select the "Technical Reporting Tool" and the search for the brush you just created that's it!!! Now repeat the steps with the other colors.

I'm just copying 3 formats I need to return this.

Excuse me !! And aplied brush scheme.

We need only to draw with "artistic media tool" simple line to create this More work on these curves to create a better result.

thanks for watching! Let me know if you want the tutorial! Like or dislike :).

Source: Youtube