Mengoptimalkan Smart Fill Tool di Corel Draw dengan RoboTask

Mengoptimalkan Smart Fill Tool di Corel Draw dengan RoboTask

hi guys! this time I'll show you how to optimize the speed when using smart-fill-tool in Corel Draw using Robotask I promised before that I'll create a special video.

About how to set-up Robotask to use for Smart-fill-tool in Corel Draw.

basically, to use smart-fill-tool is like this smart-fill-tool > color-picker > pick the color from background then applied on this area just like that.

do it again and again.

while if using robotask.

I press ALT+F1 on keyboard (my shortcut, example) I press ALT+F1 now! it fast!, we can't event see the drop-down menu show up why using Robotask? For your information: this color picker really useful to create blocks.

especially when create facets/blocks in WPAP.

using this technic.

unfortunately, we can't give it a shortcut in Corel itself so I improvise by using Robotask to achieve this.

Okay, let me show little bit more example.

and after this I'll show you how to set the script for robotask its quick (when using robotask) much quicker than using manual way like this one by one.

it'll sore our hands.

setup shortcut for Smart-Fill-Tool in Corel so, the first step is set the shortcut for the Smart-Fill-Tool itself in Corel I already set mine using ALT+F1 but I'll show you how to give it a shortcut fist, open menu "Tool" > "customization" > "commands" using this "binocular" icon search the "smart-fill.

" there it is, down there.

select it enter the tab "shortcut keys" maybe by default there's no shortcut for this so now let's set it with our own shortcut for example "ALT+F1" assign > ok see this have ALT+F1 already now create a script in RoboTask after this (smart-fill) have shortcut already now let's open robotask create a new folder so this folder has nothing todo with the script itself, just for a neat organizing.

now we'll create a script right-click on the blank are on the right.

> new.

or just click the + icon on the top-left give it a nema.

for example "smart fill corel" then enter tab: Triggering Events pick: "hot keys" pres key combination: for example.

ALT+F5 OK now open tab: Actions add: Window > Check for WIndow so check for window's function is.

to specify the right window/program the script wouldn't continue if the taskbar name is not right one so pick the static name of the taskbar.

so the "my document.


here is not the static taskbar name.

so we pick "CorelDraw X5" as the static name here.

(you can set your own) type it and the right one come out listed below.

erase the rest of the text.

OK next we add: Send Keystrokes > specified window "CorelDraw X5" remove hello world! Insert Keys > Key combination Key combination: ALT+F1 (Smart Fill Tool's Shortcut sets on Corel before) OK next we add.

Mouse > move set to: Absolute coordinates click & hold the bold text.

Then drag it to Smart-Fill-Tool color rollout (as seen on screen).

and release mouse.

OK next add: mouse click left click — ok add: mouse > move Absolute coordinates and drag the bold text to position like on the screen (the color picker suppose to be at) its a little bit tricky, because we can't see the color picker yet.

we set any position for a while.

lets try to see the exact position.

so, to make it easier we put an anchor to that position now adjust the anchor position.

now back to the last command, double click it (mouse move) drag the bold text to anchor position and release.

OK add: mouse > click > left button and to make the cursor move to the center of the screen.

Add: mouse > move Absolute coordinates drag the bold text to center of the corel screen.

and release now test it if maybe the smart-fill-tool not selected.

we test it now I press ALT+F5 NOW! see.

it works NOW! like that so if the cursor now here.

after I press ALT+F5 it will move to center.

see so that's the function.

so you can just pick the colors from background and create the blocks so it helps speeding the process, decrease the repetition clicks it makes casting blocks easier, especially for WPAP I guess this tutorial is enough if there any questions please leave a comment thanks for the visit and watch, I hope you enjoy it.

Source: Youtube