Macro ToLayer Envia Objetos para Camadas no CorelDraw

Macro ToLayer Envia Objetos para Camadas no CorelDraw

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And this time we're going to bring you here, a novelty that perhaps for many is not new, but it is a layer ToLayer Macro, greatly facilitates our life there for working with layers in CorelDraw.

It will be a quick video, the Macro is well simple, but I think you'll like.

Who works with or works with PhotoShop PhotoPaint and with Illustrator, will also be able to have a little more control with Layers of its layers or in CorelDraw al.

I'm already here with CorelDRAW X7 open, it also works in CorelDraw x7 32-bit 64-bit also, it seems to work, or in all cases, but in some tests here we come to work.

It's worth you take the test there too.

Here in the X6 32 runs it very well and Bits 64-bit as well, it runs very well, she is the CorelVba.

Com is a macro that you can, goin to editing that it is free for you to do your edits.

I Have another vector here already open to show you how it works, I'm already installed it here, but installing it is quite simple.

In CoreDraw X4, the X4 to X6, the X4 you can not ta installing User is your username ApData Roaming \ Corel CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 User GMS X5 and X6 and.

X7, I only managed to do in the X6 and put on.

in the normal place in CorelDraw there is.

Gms Normal al Dendo Corel 32-bit and 64-bit also in the convenient place, these links there will be at all, descriptions will eta ta all around the post.

I'll show you now how it works.

Simple Well, I'm with it installed here.

Here agent has here the layer (1) A, where objects are here, this group of elements Here, I'll even try to make them "Grouped" here because I have not tried, try to make vu this with them "Grouped".

Here're the "Macro", ToLayer, Ok, I will give here ToLayer one, he will not do anything, so I need "Ungroup".

Well we know that, agent needs to "ungroup" the objects and we have a chi and Layer 4 objects.

Clicking on ToLayer agent will now have 4 Layer and each of these objects will stay in your layer.

Then when it is your export there.


both in format, CPT, CPT.

, As also in the PSD, let me save here in PDS,.

PSD, save here in PSD as Estampa one hundred (100) and I export, I'll go over here I've had one, here you keep Here the layers, keeps Trasnparente Fund mamtém the proportion and you put the Resolution what do you want.

And're exported Another thing she does White is to remove layers, so I'll put here + another layer, I will add here a further layer.

OK! I'll put here as Master Layer, by example, Layer Master.

and I will copy the elements all here, all objects, Control + C to master this layer here.

Control + V, then I'll leave here in Hidden mode, right here Olhozinho in, and will delete the other layers herein, other objects of the layer another layer, see that the layers remain right ?, and I'll call here just what interests me, if That's it happen when you are working to create other layers and some layers are empty, in the very Macro you have here ToLayer.



It will delete all layers here O, and Ball Show.

Then again if you want to create layer Click again on it and the Create Layer.

Local al it is is the same as ever.

Tools, right, here goes option, then you will qui in.

Customization here in Desktop, customization, command, then Command you search here your Macro, Click Here Macro and then immediately you located Here the list where are you ToLayer here and drag the ToLayer inside the.

Two elements, ta see? Delete the ToLayer and ToLayer, if there is one bar, I I have here my bar here, but you can ta creating a bar for you, how I created here my Sidebar also with other macros and you drag the Two Parties and Ok His CorelDRAW.

It is here I'll get this PSD here we created, the pattern 100 and we will test it here in PhotoShop.

Let's pull here to the Photo Shop ta.

And here, all the layers individually and legal here in PhotoShop you will be able to work your layers normally.

And without interference from having to be separating the layers then you can come here to work Styles with her here in the layer you are working.

Simple, if there does its job, then come here in PhotoShop or Photopaint and edit the layers normally.

as you would if you had there leading layer by layer.

The advantage is speed.


There in CorelDRAW you have a huge speed for you do it, just a click, any design you do.

Let me open a Blank Document here, or I'll get a document that I already have open here as well.

On page 2 for example, I'm here to these objects here, I'm going to.

Copy it here.

A Control + N and will give ENTER here to.

for us to open a new one here.

I will give a Control + V to us copy it here, here will ungroup the layers.

Note that's here all just right, so all in the same layer.

And I will give here one ToLayer and it will do just so I put one in each layer.

so if you delete by accident one here, give and then you.

come here on the ToLayerDelete, it will delete and the layers will be just right.

every in a layer one.

And then at the time of export, will export this one as CPT, for example, here CPT.

and will export as print 100.


ok I will also keep export layer, maintain the transparent background, also the size and the 300 here as well.

Ok, Let's go check it out, pull that 101 pro Photopaint.

Here and I pull it back here ready.

note that here in Photopaint also the same Coirsa layer by layer.

Then just work your layers one after another.

Same thing with those elements that are down here.

Each on their individual layer, facilitating there too our lives and the agility with which we are.

going from one program to another our files.

You will're getting.

A File with two (2) icons and also, let me show you here, I was about to forget.

For you also edit the.

His Macro, let me come back here.

and here to open the Macro Manager.

and down here it goes here in O.

ToLayer here ok.

ToLauer, then you can edit this Macro Also, because it is a free macro.

When you have, it will appear as well, for you edit in X7, if you put her in Folder.

AppData Roaming, CorelDraw, there in your operating system.

Then you will be able to edit it and be able to change the name to Layer Layer, I did it on the X7.

and me got better I put layer and and was Layer 1 Layer 2, each time I create a It is different here.

Ta seeing if going here in ToLayer edit and here where it says Layer Layer will ta written in the original version of Macro.

what's up you can ta changing it here and then makes a save here in the Microsoft Visual Own Basic here makes a save, you'll have here your macro instead of Layer Layer if you prefer to be Layer.

OK I think that's it, has nothing to show it, it is quite simple, ta here, installation is this file here, the X6, I will show here in the X6, I put in 32 Bits in here.

Even Location Always, ok Draw, and GMs here and is here O.

I will click here the letter T, is here ToLayer ok.

So why I can not edit it, it being place meste here, so I edit I have to there.

AppData Roaming User AppData Roaming to be able to do this.

this change in him there is, there will have to come in C: Users, then user name which in my case is 135 YourName then AppData Roaming Corel and then the version that you will make the change in the case of X7 here I did put it in here, okay right here, ToLayer, then I can edidar there in the X7 VBA macro if I need to.

it is free then you can do that too.

already the case.


Do X6 if you want to put it to edit you put this address here, if you do not want to edit, if you want to only use, plays there in the common address, ever.

And then just create your layers there and not forgetting that have to be Unbundled the objects, he can not're grouped for you can manipulate the layers here.

And remembering that you also taking an object from one of these layers, one of Layer right, you have the option to also delete and there is all just right over there its layers.

OK people? I hope you have enjoyed this tip, one more tip in Corel vein there for you.

I also hope to share, who is not registered in the Channel, sign in Canal staff also can is.

leave your comments there on the Blog, we will soon have more news there in the Blog also.

and so that we have with any other news for you, we're going to publish, both here and in our other networks and just then you contribute to our material, for the word to spread.

The macro works very well there.

I'll let the links there for you lowering both on the Blog as well as here on YouTube ok staff.

My Thank you all there and until next video lesson ai @CorelnaVeia.

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