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first of all I want to tell everyone that I wish you a happy 2016 for the time to record this tutorial begins this year and is my first tutorial this new year 2016 so welcome to all people who are already subscribers and I still do a good time and for those who first see me welcome too for you and do not forget that many more have not only content coreldraw, photoshop, lightroom, sony vegas and can also enter and check all my information before I would like to say the following do not forget to visit my website where you will find content and articles the tutorials and write about issues and topics I usually take or that I usually talk in my social networks like YouTube, then they can come here ask to read and link to my other social networks as can be the case facebook where you will find a lot of information and news about my content I also also invite you to go through twitter on twitter too I have some information additional people who follow me on twitter They will also be automatically notified of all I rise because they are connected social networks my photographic part of my artistic side also I have on flickr They can follow me on flickr as delca82 upload images and here I usually take and where I teach in my tutorials some of these tips for you They can take into account when taking pictures.

They are basically social networks more and finally I use is my youtube channel I encourage you to come to the playlists and they can find all information such as CorelDraw tutorials in this case a or they can also go to a party are all my logos or where they are English tutorials where photoshop tutorials are, sony vegas for example, and you can come directly here and access the list as just so they can understand the order in which these tutorials are based and can make the entire course of what is so far CorelDraw and I come to teach almost two years ago Perfect I invite you to subscribe to the channel that are not subscribed pass Here, look at this, do not subscribe, so are invited and click on subscribe and They will be notified of this and more of my social networks Perfect once these parish announcements made back to tutorial and this time what we will do is that we will learn or in this case let's review a little what we have come doing all these times I basically summarize the ten most used by me in command coreldraw so they are very aware that we will go over the days important and we will make examples of each and every one of them then in this case what are those ten commands I usually use constantly and they are part of everyday life in the design of elements of graphic styles or what you want to design in CorelDraw First, zoom is one widely used later is the bread that is the I do the paneo movement to be able to frame my images and to work more Easily the third ace in PowerClip which is widely used you have seen in many tutorials also have the shape tool where I can deforming elements Once you have designed to manipulate their way says the fifth command are important guidelines for power sometimes develop margins for text or if I want points sixth point is referred to as the text is something that is usually used artistic text and paragraph text it not normally used but nevertheless it is a widely used with command variables Seventh we have the outline.

the contours are those lines going in the outer edges as we used to give highlight an item in the point 8 have interactive filler is a filler of variable colors that allow me to give depth to a design versatility 9 We transparency that even without a tutorial dedicated to him if he used in several of these and here we will do a basic example but I'll refer to other tutorials for you understand that it is connected almost the entire channel but here I make a summary and if they want to amplify the information and send them to links and links so that you can make almost a mesh one an information network fabric and can have these much clearer ranked 10th this order say that is not directly related the importance, ie not being the last is the least important simply are listed in an indifferent order 10 have the I also use quite duplicate to duplicate elements even with repeating patterns I have an extra bonus, I'll give an extra seat 11 wherein I also have other information that stay until the end because it is not now It is very important and widely used and will take many problems and you will save a lot of time so you have to be pending until the end as tips before starting all this to develop exercises I advise you to activate all they have to do with pages that fit me corel we do here is in English but they will find exactly the same place.

Snap means to fit in and is important that you have these three elements these three selected options and say they are not used as widely so it is important just leave the past Selected is also important to understand that many times when I I'm in a command and want to return to a base command or previous command you can use the space bar on your computer keyboard to to return It is basically an additional tip and all shortcuts that have to do with buttons and scroll the mouse wheel or mouse, perfect then let's go to the next slide where we will find the following we will find an example of zoom first, we'll see how we handle that and what so important it is really something that is used all the time and we will go as giving as examples in this case in this case we will see look how bread or panning movement within the screen the famous and well-known and useful PowerClip where I can have elements They can be inserted into each other the tool is telling them that I can change and manipulate, distort and return to the original form elements is with F10 The guidelines also where I use reference lines to frame objects and the importance that they can be fit into the guide lines agreement.

The text I texts where I can use basically uppercase lowercase all lowercase all all caps, change the fonts and have an artistic text having a text paragraph actually there are several options that they spoke outline an example clear here is interactive fill-in this case sme depth It looks like a sphere 3d element when it is really a flat element Corel in this case does not have a 3D module as long as it is potent in how transparency can realize simply have done transparency on view field and I can go see what's behind in this case without the logo of my delcavideography channel and repetition or Duplicate it is important to be able to say sometimes design different things or layout instincts that allow me to achieve a given design and achieve a repeating pattern then for those first years as vámonos before I wanted them to say this because I'm going to do here fullscreen And I'll put on top of each issue each command as such a link If you or needled they clicked on or they can click on each image directly access the tutorial where you can see the content and delve much deeper into all commands at this time I am saying and announcing that use more so if you master this really You can familiarize and design with far more speed and corel versatility.

at first i will send commands and shortcuts much as in the second one is exclusive to the third and the shaped tool will realize that these elements where we design These items and decorations will find how to manipulate lot with that tool so we'll use the guides lines both the text and we will use them both in this tutorial text where we can put margins and where we can manipulate text in different proportions we have different options that will allow me to design for example in this case a small magazine and it is important to visit the tutorial and deepen over the outline see what color I explain much better in this tutorial in the initial part is deepening as such that command but it's a specific point where I do a deepening and bring it in an example practical.

Fill this interactive tutorial applies perfect as all logos tutorials If you go to my website and go the playlist or playlist logos will find that in most interactive filler used multiple times Here are further transparency in this art valentine I Designed also find a part in the tutorial where I board the issue of transparency a little further and doubled in this case is Parametric design where I teach also how deep manipulate and how to master the art of perfect duplicate then you already know by clicking on any of these links you or images you may access the tutorial and may be interconnected back here again and back there and master the techniques are there right then interconnected.

I have summarized and brought all here for you according perfect we will then start with the number one exercise is the zoom for start simply say this to turn on zoom can simply press with zy and zoom nactiva and have here the sub menu zoom or zoom in and out as such to reduce or zoom out or can get away with f3 away 50% of sight as such and if I just do it with the mouse and scroll, I do turn the wheel to I later as an additional 50% agreement and in this case as put a spiral because the spiral represents me better as I'm approaching this is This spiral has 15 repetitions then I am getting closer every time I acercano I am getting closer and I am getting closer each time the line becomes thicker because I'm making it increasingly closer to getting there as the central point Spiral is then I agree zoom in out there because I'm making the scroll mouse is as simple as so can squaring by clicking the area that I want and I want this part f3 simply and I'm back 50% yes I love this part and the mel challenge of giving back or scroll according the importance of the sum very Basic simple Now you will be a close here and we will use the second command pan or pan is going to move is active with the letter or the h key just It is already activated normal mouse a click on the mouse and moving towards right or left in this case I am writing delcavideography welcome to your channel graphic, audiovisual and photographic design, Here you will learn a number of useful things to develop your creativity and others say do not forget to subscribe share in your Social networks give me a like and visit my website and my fanpage on facebook agree an additional way to pan well do but with mouse control and pressed by rotating the wheel I can move laterally and if I do I press Alt vertically much simpler agreement Apart from doing this so I can do this or I can do well already know Ctrl – Alt very good let's go for zooming and here again we frame and you're done from here will apply the pan command control to realize to place me well in this third, what will we do in the third let's make PowerClip that I have repeated many times but no matter what we return If you want to repeat and deepen in you know where they can watch what simply select all and what you want the next but it is within that then I most wanted and that the right and PowerClip say inside I want this to stay inside it and that's and I do the same but vice versa I want the circle is inside the circle here is that here by example and I right click and say the same thing here and even if I I can edit it here I put it here if I want, YME I go back and I can edit the other if I want then it is already PowerClip helps me solve a lot many things designs, you can give the application you want, you know how uses the tool so simply take this element it can be a square and triangle or any tool and F10 is here agree I can begin to manipulate the way if you are in your state such as the original is here but I can make curves with this Ctrl + Q icon and simply with one of its nodes and start manipulating and to drag and not only new but the control points for and develop different forms agree then with this tool I can manipulate the shapes, well now so important roads lines just remind them that a guideline helps us to keep fit a reference one bank then how do we get a guideline, as we see that we use here both horizontal and vertical ruler in this case lateral vertically by simply clicking on the ruler I move here and to raise another as many as I want and here and here then if I for example delete this, eliminating, the state of which was reference realize that the can fit there and this I can fit in here I see here and here this agreement and this quadrant here already, so I notice that It serves to have a reference then it is important if I want I sometimes mistakenly I can move a Doy right click and I can block that I do not like taking anything unless again you right click and unlock perfect all give me as in point 5 to remove it because it is at the end and not the I need more comfortable for the 6 is the text simply F8 I will Text tool and can write normal text by clicking and put text I can manipulate that what in many ways, I'm up here for text and can change the uppercase letters such as such want all are capitalized, I can actually manipulate up here I can can change the font really so I can manipulate and eventually what I can make is that if instead of clicking one area I select Normal I can start writing a paragraph text and start typing any thing and have the options you have any text editor where I can and tell him I want it all I want it left justified and start now to play with those elements but again I repeat I have them tutorial to go here and learn much more the outline is simply to have a way in this case and I can do this in several ways one is that a right click can say that I want red outline, now right click on the color bar or palette colors and how you can account I have a very small red line, then I can give you click here in the Online say that I love Well, I do not know with a thickness of 4 and already I have there so I can further do otherwise will not remove the outline with this the right but on the xy here is a tool called contour she can even put many more lines in this case are color fuchsia and black propose what I say I want more and increasingly a thinner and in the end I can remove the normal color in this case it is me this I have an interesting outline where I have three contours of almost 0.

8 according millimeters thick padding now interativo I is also simple and is tricky has its nuances and ways of complexity All I have to do is simply press the letter G or leave Interactive fill it says here, and selected one selected gradient that is elliptical in this case and I can handle and how I want what put here, here change the color change red and is in this case the contour is already and have that interactive stuffing or or simply put it straight because it is in this case conical and play and manipulate it like shadows and moving the control elements if I do not want in the center and manipulate also here because putting more colors like yellow Here I can put a pink here and change the different things then I invite you to explore this and do the tutorial here I am them teaching here and the logos in general and can learn a lot plus another that I use quite transparency basically use this element I go for transparency tool If normal, I do not need anymore and I say I put it all including transparent or only the border edge or excluding edge and I can say I want to multiply in this case and give the level of transparency, realize I think here is very true that this way and that has to be I have behind that transparency and duplicate we will simply use any item, I am using the logo I press my channel Ctrl + D and in this case is doubled over on top da the impression we have not duplicated but we have done and simply with pressure control and selection of the object just I put it where I want here and repeat Control D and I have it with this arrangement there are repeated to generate the pattern simply I select doubled all these as I have done and Control D low Control D here again simply because I keep that pattern duplication, for this case we have those 10 commands more I use If you were wise and stayed until the end and you could even go to other tutorials and come back and do the exercise full year we are starting the best way to do a review of the the main thing, the basics because I consider it is a basic tutorial so you can design more complex things we bonus in this case is alignment and distribution I leave the link here you can tell so you can access back to the tutorials in this case CorelDraw shortcuts and commands We're going to examine how it can account I have two elements and sometimes I locate exactly one such point I want this place here, I just dragged so, if I want to do faster with commands I can for example put in these two line up up before with the letter t top top means are here are coinciding yeah yeah I say that this first selected this I want to move and Shift then selected with this (bottom) is down with b donkey I put it down here with the guidelines we are checking if on the contrary wants then in this case I'll upload it to here and he and wants to align on this side say Right or R them and how you can account we will delete this one is here we draw line and is aligned in this sense or come back and play select this, Shift, I select this and ordered Left the L key and then basically I have other and further to all that I do want to focus them for example then I want this and this are centered then I say E, E key you can also tell them that they are focused on this effect in the vertical direction with the letter C then is enter and if you want me to focus all completely selected pressed in this case for example here and I want it is that Within this first time selected with this Shift E and C and is focused agree this will help us a lot to develop different but additionally things you have other information for example to improve this and I have here several elements here very disorganized very disorganized here This has been and I say good and those who organize all equidistant and in a row, there is a command called align and distribute and loencuentran in tool table here and just take what I want to distribute that sense here that are distributed from the center it vertically and additionally I want to focus horizontally from the center In this case I will do, that will distribute information have in this case, ie how are aligned there, I can tell you that then go all the way with C and I already have lined know what made equidistantly he distributed them in that regard but I love them all the same axis and helped me It is a mixture of both a tool like each other in this case I return and here is distributing them well but I love them as another I expose myself to sing here and distributed here that are basically lined up for I use the commands with the keys but they can go directly used within the command as is so graphically how teaching them why he said that if They stay until the end was a nice extra bonus they could learn so perfect This was the tutorial beginning this year 2016 Summing up everything we have done in the year since the previous year and waiting for my channel are pending that are participating that are asking whatever they are very aware because I want make a draw for some things for designing delcavideography the people can win and a draw will shortly so be very slopes See you at the next opportunity to upload video reminds every Tuesday and do not forget to design happy and the next.

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