How to Run CorelDraw on Mac OS X Without Virtual Machine [EN Subtitle]

How to Run CorelDraw on Mac OS X Without Virtual Machine [EN Subtitle]


we meet again in another video tutorial.


This tutorial what name is it? This is called computer tutorial.

at this time I would like to show you howto run coreldraw on mac os x computer.

Without of the help by any virtual machine.

Like like the help of virtualbox, parallel desktop,or may be vmware.

On here, i'm purely use of the help winebottler.

And we have to do first is to prepare portablecoreldraw Here is i've been prepared the file beforethe coreldraw x3 and coreldraw x4.

and all of them are portable applications.

So we don't need to install, we can directlyto use it.

And the second part is To download winebottler app on this site.

And here i've used 1.

8 version So download it first, and after that.


you can place them on Application folder.

and the next after winebottler installed,we need to do is we need to open wine, on the menu bar wineicon has already appear.

and open configuration menu.

once already opened.

on this windows version section.

choose WINDOWSXP Or you can choose another version.

like windows 7 or higher.

But on this video, i've used windows xp After we configured on windows version, Now we goes to Libraries menu tab This is a vital point, So we need to add to this libraries is MSHTMLfiles.

if you just put winebottler, in this sectionis still empty.

The MSHTML is not already exist here.

So you need to add here.

click at here, and type MSHTML.

then click little triangle icon to make surethe files is ready to add.

then click add button to add the MSHTM libraries.

then click apply button.

and here why you've seen a lot of librariesinstalled? This will be growing their own after we putlibraries/application are already installed via winetrick.

so later will adjust itself.

for a while, we click apply button, then clickOK.

so the next step is we need to open winetricks.

This step is also important.

with winetricks, we can also add some severalsupporting application for coreldraw.

in general, when we install coreldraw in windows, Coreldraw need to install netframework, ormay be another libraries file.

So we need to add those file via winetricks.

The first time we need to do is add netframework, You can type here with "NET" thats it.

and will appear some several choice be remember.

here you need internet connectionto download all libraries.

if you don't have it, so you can't downloadthem all into the wine.

and here, you can use dotnet 3.

5, or may be3.

5 SP 1.

or if you have a mega internet speed, youcan download them all.

to be more complete.

or you can choose the latest version on 4.


and after completed.

after that, in additionto net framework, You need to install are.


just type "com" scroll to top.


that's it.

these third file you should to install.

comctl32, comctl32ocx and comdlg32ocx and after that, type "mfc" naah.

these files also need to install.

mfc40 mfc42 and the rest is mfc80 if you are in doubt, you can download allmfc that is in visual c++ 2010, 2008 to be safety for just in case right!? visual c++ 2015 also yo can add.

after completed, you can click apply to download.

and later,, the download process bar is appear.

so you need connection to the internet.

so you can wait it to complete.

it's depend into your connection speed.


after we already install several librarieson wine.

automatically in this configuration menu, in this libraries menu section will be growingtheir own.

like as shown.

Certainly, the MSHTML file you should to addon this.

type here, and type MSHTML.

like i shown before.

mshtml if already to add, then click add button.

just that's it.

Ok, we still wait this download.

and more important to note that is.

when we use coreldraw under the wine emulator.

you don't use "SAVE" menu if you want to save the document.

If you finished editing your document, sodon't use "SAVE" but choose "EXPORT" instead we can save the file into a format like.

AI extension.

or maybe.

Svg if you use SAVE to saving your final document work, The result is.

in my experienced.

coreldrawbecome FREEZE.

so use EXPORT for better experience.

not SAVE.

it's still download dot net 4.



because i've already downloaded the files before, so i think it's gonna waste my time.

to redownload.

So i closed the wine to stop download.

and the next step is to open coreldraw firstly, i open on the x3 version.

and i choose run directly not the second one.

but i choose the first.

then click GO button to open.

click ok.

Here, i'll try to create any object.

sorry for some noises.


at this stage, if we complete to create our edit some documents, Don't ever to use SAVE option.

Or CorelDraw will be Freeze.

Actually, the file has been saved.


Because CorelDraw become freeze, it's seem like error.

actually it's fine.

You can close the document, and you can open the result file that you had been save earlier.

So if you don't want to see any obstacle, so use EXPORT.

Ok guys.

until here i can help you.

if any question, feel free to write any comment.

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