How to Make Amazing Wedding Photography with Flares and Bokeh – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Make Amazing Wedding Photography with Flares and Bokeh – Photoshop Tutorial

Bonjour! Madams and Monsieurs.

In this video we play around with flares and light leaks to enhance wedding photography.

Bonjour! Madams and Monsieurs.

My name is Serge Ramelli.

I am a French photographer.

Living in the beautiful, the arcueil, the amazing city of paris france.

And the amazing sunny city of los angeles, California.

And I have the privilege to make two tutorials per week.

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Alright so as I told you introduction.

I have been working for months on a, with two very talented people, First with the photographer on lightroom presets.

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which is appropriate for wedding photographers Ah, first, its, a lot of uh, 14 leaks, Bokeh & Lights that you can use in photos and I'm gona show you how to use and them and I'm gona give you some for free so you can get a sense of it Then some uhm, Flaring glows, and then and then a whole bunch of textures so this is all the examples on how to use it and he did also very nice laces which I'll show you how to make very nice frame or as a designer for website or for photo ahh which is appropriate for wedding photographers also some nice watercolor assets that can be used to make albums and as you know as a design element and also some white wedding texture.

Pure white wedding texture All the textures are very high res.

and exclusive and you will only find them here then there's a whole bunch of flower texture flower backgrounds that you can use to uhm you know, make websites, make postcards uhm its really made for wedding photographers then you got some abstract textures and uhm, that you can use I'm gona its a lot, a lot , a lot of things that we have in this wedding tool kit we've been working on it for a hundered days literally let me show you how this works first I'm gona jump into photoshop I wana show you a very cool trick.

that only applies if you have creative cloud member and you have updated you're using photoshop CC 15 & 16 there is this new option here here called library can you see here i've got all the all my bokeh and links and all my assets are here in my library so if I go to Bokeh & Leaks I have all my Bokeh and leaks If I go to uhh Laces, I have all my Laces If I go to flare and glows I have all that Now, how did I do that, Well, This is how you do it, how you get it into photoshop and this is really handy so you go into your Library Module If you don't see your library module, You go to Windows Library Once you're there So for example I'm gona create ah, let me see uhm wedding texture, or I'm gona create flare and glow or no, abstract texture number 2 I already have one But I'm gona redo it so you can see how I'm doing this So once you have the library module Just click here and you create click on create new library I'm gona call it abstract texture two because I've already done it So I'm going to create it so you see its empty Now i'm going to go to file So I'm not going to create it Open And I'm gona go to this is a zip file you're going to get em.

I'm going on a desktop so you going to get this zip file and in this zip file and in this zip file you're going to get a photo called abstract texture you select all the abstract texture and you click open so they are all going to open up in your photoshop Then to get it into the library you you only have to do this once and then you have them forever in your library you just click here you have them open you see they are all open because this is a tab I'm into a tab mode in here It doens't matter which tab you are Anyway, all of them are open here So you see here this small symbol is called add a graphic let me zoom on it so you can see add a graphic If I click here once its going to open whatever that graphic is and its going to put it in that library under the folder that I created then I can go to file close, but this is a shortcut which is command W.

So this time, next time I can just click here on graphic and then press command W to close add graphic command W to close add graphic command W to close add graphic commande W to close add graphic and , and so on and I go through this whole set until its all done It honestly took me less that 2 minutes to get it all up Everything So once you've done this and I've done this for every product thats part of the wedding kit So now I have for example Bokeh and Leaks and I have all my Bokeh and Leaks here I can click ehre show 23 remainings I can click on uhh Flare and Glows etcetera, etcetera, So you get a bit the idea Once you've done that, its very important to do that If you If you cannot do that, I'll show you another way to import it into photoshop, but once you've done that things become very easy for example I wana play around with this photo and uh, I'm gona take for example uhm, This Bokeh, and I'm going to drag and drop it over the photo Now by default all the Bokehs have a black background so you need to put them into screen mode screen mode what screen mode does it makes anything that is black becomes transparent OK, Now the thing thats importatnt you see is the smart object for now so just make sure that uhhh its a good habit to make sure that uh the uhh actually for this one I"m going to put it here most of the bokeh that we did have a uh black all around meaning you just have to drag and drop meaning you don't even have to do anything any uhmm manipulation to have it off so that you don't see like a border there you could see a border if the light was coming let me show you you know more what Imean you see how here its black there is no light leaks it makes it easier if there was light, then you would see here a border and uh, the fact that its black and you put in screen mode its very seamless you can just drag and drop it and i'm gona put another one for the left side of the photo just to make her completely into uh and I'm going to take this one for example drag and drop this one over the photo boom same thing put this one into screen mode voila and make it something like this maybe make it a little bit bigger Alright and this one i'm gona just make a little bit bigger I'm making it so that she is surrounded I can even command J to do it twice to and move it to double it just make it as if she's completely into the light and of course she don't like what's happening all these little glows here can always click on one of the layers you know put a mask a brush I advise you take like a black brush just make sure the harness is zero and opacity 20% and that's cool and you you can just you know I'm going to make that brush smaller by using ctrl and alt on my keyboard and then I'm just gona maybe raise this a little bit more oh am I on the right , oh I'm not on the right layer so I'm going to create thats the mask for this one and then I'm just going to erase that I don't want this Bokeh here same thing here just can create you know wala and something here and I can click here and mask all the things that just you know make sure thats not over here but it gives a little cool effect by playing around with this Bokeh Let me give you another example here with this photo So on this photo I'm gona You see the sun is coming here from the upper right I really wana put more attention on that So I'm gona I'm gona do a lot of things on this one Drag and drop this same thing, I'm gona go to screen mode Boom So now we have rays of light coming from the top you see what I mean here uhh on this one the ray goes all the way so you see if I lift it like this you can see gold here its not very nice so I'm going to press command T for being able to transform this manually put it over I think this the ray lights are too strong so I can go to filter blur gaussian blur and I'm gona make them uh you know, a little less here thats not bad maybe command V, I can move it up a little bit I don't want it so much on her face something like this but you should know I have that border again that's fine, I can I can just, you know, create a mask here take a brush make sure that its about yeah, 65 is fine, black, and you just brush on the side here and take that out so now I added this I wana make it even more I can add uhm Let me see I can add, this for example on it ok not this one this one I already use just press excape what can I do maybe this one wala make sure you go into screen mode and just play around and see what works the best that kind of works well so I add this I added this you know I can reverse this I can make this one first I wana put some more light on this left side also So uhm I'm gona go to click, make sure you click you see here when you go to the library often it hides what's below so you have to click on show the remaining uhmm.

Now let me go to the I'm gona go to the Bokeh and Leaks Bokeh and Leaks click on show the remainings yeah looking for this one this one is a big lighting that I like oh hold on I'm going to go on top my layer I'm going to click and drag it over Alright same thing I'm going to put into screen mode Boom I keep going all the way And now they are surrounded by light Okay! And, let's say I wana make a little nice , lace effect border on it First, I need to give some color to the laces, Cause, laces are more like motif you'll see what I mean in a second So I'm going to click here, I'm going to click the solid colour then I'm going to beige type of photo ok, so I've created that's for it Now you don't see Then I'm going to my laces okay I think I'm going take this one for example I'm going to drag and drop it you see how the laces how that looks its beautiful, we call that dentaire in french Okay! Now I need to erase the inside of the lace That's pretty easy, you just click On the layer where you have the laces which is the one I just used you go into the magic wand tool make sure that contiguous is on and you click in the middle Ok, now that I have the selection of the middle, just click on the mask and remember black conceals and what I want is I want the selection of this to be black So I go into edit fill and I'm gona take black Boom press command D to unselect now I have a little nice frame if I don't like the colour I think its a bit strong I can make it lighter something like this and wala that's kind of a nice frame and this is let me show you where we started we started it here added one frame one flare another flare then the light link on the left and then the border the ermm the color and then the laces ok so that's kind of cool, I think people like this kind of photo uhh fore example, also we have a bunch of Bokeh, so I took this couple, this is another wedding photo I did a little mask on it, so its transparent around and and uhmm I'll give you a link in the description of and episode to show you how you can extract that If you don't know how to do that and then I can just go here now to my Bokeh Bokeh and Leaks and uhh.

I'm gona take uhhh.

a nice Bokeh, Oh!, you know what on this one I'm gona go to my abstract texture abstract texture I like that background, I'm gona put this background behind them first, I'm gona make sure its big enough the good thing about this background is you can make them the size that you want uhh, it doesn't matter meaning that they can be made bigger because they are blurry, when its blurry Boom so and I change the background with the photo Now if you, you wana make the color to match then you can just go to filter camera roll and then just a little bit of blue and a little bit of green on them with the white balance so that it match better the colour of the background but uhh.

ok that's one way and then I wana add some more light leaks to them to make it even more you know, even more dramatic so let's go to flare and glow let's see what could we put on them hmmmm No, then I'm gona go to Bokeh and Leaks I wana add some blue or nice maybe do something crazy on her let's try this put this over okay! and let's go to screen mode No, thats too strong, so press escape if you don't like it you just press escape yeah, something like this more shallow maybe hmmm, nope! I don't like that I'm looking for something so, I'm gona click on the remainings Yeah!, that's something that's probablu going to work better So I'm going to take this one and I'm going to put it over her I'm going to put it to screen mode Boom make sure I'm going use the whole size of the photo maybe its a bit strong so I'm going to lower the opacity Ok, and then I'm going to take this one for example, this one and I'll show you a little trick if and uhmm I want to put it behind him So I'm going to put it in screen mode but the problem is that its on the wrong side you can just right click flip horizontal and now its on the good side its on the good side and wala! and so let me show you why we we came from this we turn this all off so that's the original photo I extracted the people changed the background added some, you know leaks, light leaks on the left which was blue, and some light leaks on the right uhh something is wrong on this one command T make sure its big enough wala ok and of course you can also use this for landscape for example on this one you know, I'm gona go to lights flare and glow and the sun is coming from here same thing maybe I can use uh maybe uh let's see I can use this this one put into screen mode You know I'm just trying to make the photo more interesting screen mode, screen mode, screen mode Boom Screen mode ahh, why not? why not? we just made it a little but more interesting let me show you another example this photo that I took of uh, I like that photo but Ithink the sun could be better so I'm gona take that sun put it over here uhh, put it into screen mode for example yeah, that's much better that's much better if I don't like the bokeh, can always create a mask anyway, I'm gona give you a whole bunch for free so you can try round but if you're serious about wedding photogrpahy uh, you can you know, I'm not uh, actually I don't really like this one I'm gona throw this one away I'm gona find another one I'm gona find another one that might work better for this sun Actually you know what, I like this one, but I think I"m gona blur it too no, this one has got Bokeh uhh, I'm going to take, ahh, this one, let's try it so its really like a trial and error process you know you just try things and see which one what you like and what you don't like that I kinda like and another thing that I wana show you that's cool that you can do is to have haze using light leaks so I'm gona go to Bokeh and Light Leaks and I'm gona find something that I can play around to have some little haze colourful haze let me see maybe something like this i can drag I'm gona drag and drop this over my photo and uhm wala and uhm I'm gona put it into screen mode Now this one i'm gona go for something else I'm gona go for somethign else Ok, I'm gona go for for example this one but I want this red to be at the bottom I'm gona right click flip vertical That's the great thing being in this smart object mode and then I'm gona put this in screen mode ok it adds a lot of haze in the entire photo I don't want it everywhere So I'm going to create a mask but a black mask so you press alt on your keyboard and you click the mask icon so it's all off then you take as brush with very little 15% white and you bring back some of the haze there its very similare like brushing in lightroom the problem is you're brushing with texture and by brushing with texture you get motif which is different not like just brushing with white brush so you can get like uhh you know variation of colors that could be more interesting and wala, let me show you before and after thats the original photo of the sun and I added some haze in the water I mean the possibility is infinity you always have this library here ready to be used pretty cool Ok, if you don't have that photoshop CC 2015 and this very fancy library set up which is really useful cause you can just drag and drop and use it any of this at any moment to do the same thing you can still purchase it install on your hard drive and then you go to file and you use place embedded or place you click on it you take whatever you wana do it and its the same thing its a smart object and you can just play around with it same thing it works the same way what I show you so far its just much easier if you install everything in the library first and uhmm I didn't show you everything you have to look on the website all the example we made but I give you a good idea, I'm going to give you a little but for free you can try and if you're really serious about this type of photography you like to create this type of effect you know people really love then I advise you to purchase it and because you're watching this video and because you're watching this video, using the word wedding you can get an additional 20% on my whole wedding kit I hope you enjoyed it even if you're into portrait and landscape I really encourage you to check it out I hope it really makes your photo go to the next level thank you very much and see you in another episode Do you wana get hundreds of RAW file from all over the place? where you can play around with do you wana get amazing free lightroom preset? Free brushes Free photoshop actions all you have to do is enter your email address you will receive an email you can then create an account and then you can access this free lesson tab you can choose from 203 lessons Every free lesson is gona have source file for you to download and play around with its a great way to learn photography learn post processing for nothing no money , its all free its a gift to you as a member of photoserge.

Com So thank you and welcome and let's do some photos together.

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