How to Learn Text Box (Drop cap and Column) in Corel DRAW

How to Learn Text Box (Drop cap and Column) in Corel DRAW

Welcome again on our channel vid'SIGN long enough not met in this channel until april yesterday but.

this time we will discuss about TEXT BOX, especially use Drop Cap and Column (Column).

Drop Cap & Column is usuallyused at the time Drop Cap & Column is usuallyused at the time we make such as newspapers such as magazines or some other brochures brochure.



Drop Cap particular function and Column important to notethat the use of this TEXT BOX important to notethat the use of this TEXT BOX Column Drop Cap, and can only be used the kind of writing.

the kind of writing.

The type of writing paragraphs of text while whilefor the artistic use of text it can not be used.

Let us consider which disini.

Untuk use paragraph text whereas this is an artistic text The difference is paragraphs of text here we can change some option.

Seperti on the application application edit text that is popular, as.

microsoft word.

So we can set Drop Cap, then Column, paragraph etc therefore, it is recommended the use ofparagraphs of text, not artistic text therefore, it is recommended the use ofparagraphs of text, not artistic text This is an artistic text while this is a paragraph of text.

Well we started it.

The first was created first paragraphs of text, by clicking the Text Box then click on hold and sliding We try to make up so many ok now we try to enter some text.

I will try to enter text associated with this.

Corel ini.

Saya will enter on our writing.

Now we are trying to copy does not seem to be in the copy.

because in protected by the CorelDraw well, it's okay.

we will try use plain paper we zoom using the scroll / wheel up Ok.

we'll try to copy & paste we will create more ok.

Baik enough Now, we will make Drop capnya first, Drop Cap.

Cukup by clicking here Drop Cap.

you just click the Drop Cap to be made by automatically, or can be through text text menu, then Drop Cap.

whereas the manufacturing Column quite simply with.

text, then Column we just set the columns.

I made the example 2 Column.

2 column, it will be automatically created as like this we Ok here we've made Column Now, how if when usage the use of which has exceeded this example for example red can be considered ketika.

Line (line) of this paragraph, the red we can be sure that No text that is hidden or closed, then we need notice is we copy in advance, we remove contents well.

rollback Now we will move the text This remaining, moved to the right (Empty), we kilik down 1x click, then move to form the mouse / icon mouse changing click.

then the sequel is like this for an extra.

for example, we have a picture, we will sample.

take the example of an image Ok, we'll try to take this image cut in accordance with the first image you want, for example I just wanted to take a picture icon air ball on CorelX7, then I intersect we created and then click objekyang bitmat object selection that we will cut then we intersect, then esc press.

select objects we have created the first delete.

kemudain click the object bitmapnya then delete, then we will have new object here we can arrange.

contonya located in the middle of this.

are in the middle of ini.

Dan each the edge of the object image will be separated then by clicking on it.

after that This press.

nah, straddle text we can see straddle text can be exaggerated then it will be like this tampilanya That's an example of making manufacture Drop Cap & Column enough.

do not need to be removed every we hilangin column here still using two columns, while that here one column Direct why two columns? because we had take / copy a paragraph of text on the left, so the format is still stored in text paragraphs paragraphs of text we just created well.

that's all from our simple tutorial may be useful regards creativity.

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