How to Custom Outline Text in CorelDRAW

How to Custom Outline Text in CorelDRAW

Meet with us again vid'SIGN This time we will discuss how to create an outline by sharing creations you can follow outline usually used at the time object.

the object was not visible or with limited visible because some of the many existing background example.


we have pictures yellow images like this and we got a text we got a text.

red or yellow when seen, objects of this existing object.

it will not be too strong, the example we provide white it will not be too strong in submit an update when in the design.

but it depends on your own choice but usually no one uses outline outline used was.

milsal given.

4 outline behind the fill Ok kemudain given red or yellow, yellow mismatched with white, as equally as bright we try to give it a black color like this, or like this red color red, or green, but give gradation of older.

just like this, for example, the model we give color like this.

it will be a little looks slightly brighter Ok, we start only for the tutorial a few.

way outline some of the creations in the making Now we try to create outline text we will try to select text, the text.

its font typeface examples of such text we give color black or red then we give an outline outline a way that the first effect.

then Contour we choose.


sorry for selection inside, inside means to the inside whereas we want the outside ie outside, we apply too big in its outline, we have decreased bit size of its outline, example I give 0,15 apply, this is ok enough.

standard of outline Now we try again we try again next text apply.

has been established, then we click The result object contournya after that in the break-appart break-appart.

account after we give contour again, so there multiple contour I now give rather large bit eg 0:18 Apply, Ok here already additions I click arrange.

Break-appart again I give here a white nah then are some examples outline multiple of this outline could no longer be made.

some examples of this.

that this example for example there are several objects behind eg behind no object.

when there are objects like this.

we just want featuring black and color red only.

so we just simply click on the white after that selection for the black by pressing stealh press the shift key object black, after that we cut Now we try to give the white color well this one example for outline different again.

nah from here we can see equation, for what? background.

colored white but if the background was like this then automatically see the difference passable well, now we make more outline different.

the type of font different we could try a little naikan.

Naikan I give.

given the type of font hand writing for example like this Ok Now I will give an example The first in this way simply click outlin position here already, I berkan color first red.

Apply too big.

give 0.


apply Ok, here there is little disturbance because of this object so ter.

direct object My good break appart we can remove them by shape tool, remove click 2x is sufficient to eliminate distractions we also try to remove Ok, done.

this simple a way almost the same as above, but we just need to move it, so it seemed like this This is enough, visible difference.

now we have a little distracted again, either Further.

we will add another bit with similar sizes but rather large bit, I give here 0:15 Apply, Ok.

I break appart the above, which is a small one I gave white, and that under I slide again so that it looks like this.

This is one example.

outline text.

looks like the letter "t" and still the letter "t" whereas here is the "t" and "l".

i of its closed well it's okay.

nah it dalah one example, when making an outline text.

simple Similarly there are several custom outline but will be discussed later in the tutorial The next tutorial from us enough so, still creative greetings from our vid'SIGN stay creative and think first.

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