Gaußsche Unschärfe

Gaußsche Unschärfe

Gaussian blur The Gaussian Blur effect is now available in Corel PHOTO-PAINT as a lens with which you can blur images non-destructively.

Use lenses for non-destructive image processing and the production of special effects.

You can limit where in effect Applies by painting on the mask layer.

Adjust the amount of blur manually by selecting the resource 'Malfarbe' and a brush and then paint in shades of gray to create a stronger or weaker blur.

'Drop Shadow' is an existing function, a volume effect can be produced with at selected objects.

This effect is ideal to highlight certain elements, It is also a visual convention to create a visual hierarchy in a design.

Gaussian Blur Allows you to adjust the degree to Which the drop-shadow feathers at its edges.

This effect can control the perceived distance and the size of objects in the light and other elements and describe the relationship between interactive elements.

This is like getting a real-time preview effect and the results are reversible and non-destructive.

Source: Youtube