Frequenztrennung Beautyretusche | Photoshop Tutorial | Teil 1

Frequenztrennung Beautyretusche | Photoshop Tutorial | Teil 1

Hello and welcome to the new frequency separation retouching on the Stramani channel.

A year ago, it is already where the last published Frequentrennungsretuschenvideo was, here on the Stramani channel.

Now it's time for a new version and that are of course also another Frquenztrennungsretusche where we distinguish between 8- and 16-bit images.

That's why we should go in this video.

Also is one in this frequency separation retouching Band stop with built-in.

We will be keeping with the band stop but in a one pick another video.

And now let's get started with the new Frequentrennungsretusche.

We start just like in our old Frequentrennungsretusche, namely duplicate we have our background layer twice and rename it to us, of course, again around.

The Most data of know these steps naturally already.

I hide myself again upper level and go to my contrast level.

Then I go back into the filter range.

Interpolate noise brightness.

Then comes this little window.

And a radius of 8 pixels is optimal for our frequency separation retouching.

I confirm my equal with OK.

Subsequently I switch back to the level of detail, aperture me this again.

And then go on image rendering and get this little window.

Now it comes down to, what you used for a bit image.

This is different now than in the old Frequentrennungsretusche, I have shown you.

And, you have, if you have an 8-bit image, this setting use.

Repent, you must then select the contrasts.

Subtract, scale to 2, Offset 128 and opacity 100.

And here you are allowed to kick it no tick.

And if its a 16-bit image used, then you have in here making a tick in reverse and instead of subtracting take their addition.

We do not do now, of course, we now have an 8-bit image, accordingly, we go in at subtract and take This tick out again.

I confirm my OK.

Then I change the adjustment mode linear light, and that's exactly the other way, than the old frequency separation retouching.

We now have a different setting mode.

Now we have again the details of the Contrasts separately.

To simplify my retouching a vinous, I lay me a Levels , and the rear aperture levels me out once.

So I have now nurnoch the details, that appears to me.

Then I go back to my Levels and I prefer the contrasts extremely high.

And by this simple trick with the Levels, I now have a good overview of my corrections that I need to make.

Because all I see now dark, all these little spots have retouched become.

You go now back on your level of detail, and catch you a hard copy temple.

It is important that you take a hard clone stamp, otherwise drawn too soft pores become.

I now retouch once my portrait and we see again.

If we have eliminated all the blemishes, we dazzle us back planes again one and we can delete the Levels again.

As you can see I've already performed once a rough retouching.

Now we see only still large areas, still shine through here in contrasts.

In order also to eliminate these I go my contrast level and take my repair tool, circles my area one that I want to improve, or want to change, and drag me into the area I want reinkopieren.

And then I also this birthmark removed.

And so can you change the colors at all other locations to you not as satisfied once.

Yes, that was the entrance into the Frequentrennungsretusche.

If you want to know what it going on with the band stop, when Frquenztrennungsretusche, the likes to watch next week Tuesday once here on the channel over.

I'll link to you which then next week up here in this little video, you need here nurnoch up click.

Then you will be redirected to the second part, from next week Tuesday.

not on it click before, before you get there just a black screen, or Also nothing.

I do not know at what happens when you click on them, if not at all linked is.

I think, then just nothing happens.

Regardless, definitely next week Tuesday can click it on then it continues with the band stop.

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And I'm I always have new people.

And yes, of course I do stuff and your creations to then.

Liked me happy to talk on Instagram, I like usually back almost always, be it because there are porn sites, I click does not return, but usually I watch me always everything.

And yes, of course, everything you need to know what you need to know, can be found below in the description.

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