excel secrets – Excel Tips and Tricks – Hidden Secrets

excel secrets – Excel Tips and Tricks – Hidden Secrets

Good Evening Friends, myself Jaharjyoti Biswas welcomes you to this channel, which is Education in Hindi Friends, today my topics is Hidden Secrets in Excel 2007 In excel 2007, there are so many tools, which is not shown in the ribbon.

but some tools are awesome, if you apply your day – to – day life.

so, if you know how to use these commands, then really it is very powerful tool for you.

for example, if you have a database and you want to verify the whole data which consists of minimum 500 data Now just think how to verify these data manually? you can check one by one records or you can print out the copy of your database and recheck manually.

but don't worry, you can solve it by excel tools excel narrates the whole data for you.

Let's start the tutorial Today, I am going to explain only two tools, i.

E, 1.

Use Camera, 2.

Speak Cell Lets go for "Speak Cell" Speak Cells only speaks the contents of those cells which is selected.

Firstly, select the data those you want to excel speaks for you.

Click on Speak Cell, but it is not in quick access toolbar by default.

you have to place the commands on quick access toolbar I will show you later how to place it Firstly, just see the result, how it works Select the data and click on speak cell, you can hear the data contents now, you saw the results how to use speak cells and what is the benefit.

So, friends is it not helpful for you? to check the data Now, how to use the camera Select the data for shoot an image Click on Camera, which is in Quick access toolbar Click on your position, where you want to place the image.

Using Camera, you can shoot any data as a image and place it anywhere.

Now, Just see the steps carefully Click on Office Button ==> Excel Options click on "customize" choose "All Commands" or "Commands not in the ribbon" Click on Camera than Click on Add button Now select speak Cells and click on Add button again to place it on quick access toolbar Click on OK button Thank You very much.

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