Editing for Skin Tones in Lightroom and Photoshop: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

Editing for Skin Tones in Lightroom and Photoshop: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

Hi it's Vanessa Joy here and I want toshow you just a few quick Lightroom tips that I use in order to edit myphotos, you might know i do same day edits so I need to edit in Lightroom quickly.

So here we go.

I just have four pictureshere and I'm going to show you just how I quickly edited these.

They do have animport setting on them already that all of my pictures do when they come intolightroom and you can just see a little bit of what that is over here.

The exposures down just asmidge, contrast is down, highlights are down to make sure I'm not blowing outthe dress, shadows come up, whites come up so the dress does looks nice and white,and the blacks say the same.

I do have the clarity lowered to about – 10 just help smooth out the skin alittle bit, it's subtle but i do like it.

The vibrance has come up to 36 and thesaturation to -5.

Now recently somebody asked me about skin tones and what I doto get an even skin tone and I'm in New Jersey so skin tones normally littlesomething more like this, and everybody has a nice fake tan.

So I try to eliminatethat by coming into this part of Lightroom here by adjusting thesaturation and luminance of the reds, yellows and oranges.

Now I already have a little bit of the settings here where I've lowered the saturation just alittle bit for the orange and red and then luminance has come up for theorange and red and if I turn this off here you're going to see just a littlebit of a difference in the skin tone.

It's not drastic but it definitely helps.

Now this bride does not have a ton of skin tone issues but another way youcould do this is by clicking on the selector here coming over to her skintone, try to find like a mid-range and I'm on the luminance right now, sojust click and drag up its going to brighten that color and if i click overto the saturation click and drag down, we're going to lower that color and youdon't want to go too much otherwise you know she looks like she's coming fromthe morgue, but you know right about, I’d say right about maybe, there isn't so bad.

So that helps a little bit with the skintones and then of course doing any other adjustments that you want to do to theactual photo.

I just bumped up the contrast a little bitand the exposure slightly.

Now I do every once in a while when I have a brideespecially like this one just got these great gorgeous eyes.

I'm going to come in here and just bringthem a little bit.

So if you come over to the top and you have your localadjustments here and I have the Lightroom retouching toolkit which willlet me go to eyes green and click and I am just going to brighten up the colorand the eyes just a little bit nothing crazy and if i wanted to I could also go to mybeauty brush here and just kind of soften her skin a little bit.

You don'twant to do too much because this is essentially just blurring but if you dojust a little bit it's not so bad.

Alright so that's fine.

I think that's perfect.

Zoom back out.

So there is my before upon import and then after.

Now it's the same exact thing applies when i'm doingpictures with the bride and groom.

It has my import setting on here, I'mjust going to tweak a little bit.

Probably lower the blacks, bring up thecontrast, definitely to adjust my tilt.

I can't take a straight picture to save mylife and then we do have a little bit of theorange going on here.

So I'm just going to click on my selector tool, find a spoton her, lower the saturation a little bit.

Come to my luminance, same thing pump the luminance to brighten the skin and there we go.

To me that looks a heck of a lotbetter.

Just do a quick before and after and you have to know your client too you know, maybe a client wants to look a little bit more tan, so they might like this youmight not want to do so much of an adjustment but for me my purposes that looks good right there.

Going to lower the blacks a little bit more, perfect.

Sothat looks good so I'm going to go to the next one I'm just going to clickprevious, this is the exact same scenario so it can be fairly similar.

We don't have as much flare so we'rejust going to pull my blacks up again and then we've got this one right heresame exact thing and bump up the blacks, not quite as much as the otherone.

Now one more thing, little trick I come tomy gradient tool here and I use my little sun flare setting which you cansee over here is just bringing up the temperature to 57 and lowering thecontrast, which is what your sun flare does and then I just bring it over as ifthe Sun is flaring through over there.

Go to new and then go to a blur brush, do the same thing and it just softens the image.

I don't want to do it too much because then you're going to get them all blurry.

so I'm going to bring that back.

Icould do that even down here if I really wanted to get crazy with the blurring but Idon’t.

So we are going to get rid of that.

That's it, we're just going to export thesenow I have four finished files in well just five minutes.

I will see you guysnext time.

Oh you thought I went away but i didn'ti'm going to show you this very last trick that I use in Photoshop because asmuch as I love Lightroom there are things that Lightroom just doesn't do, soI do you usually bring my photos here into Photoshop to give it one last thing.

I have a set of actions called Far Green Country Actions, you can get them onbreathyourpassion.

Com and I have a sort of combo action here that combines the getfaded film and the mid tone color and pop actions, so I'm just going to run that.

It also adds a little bit of cooling on there, just because typically it doesmake the picture a little bit warm.

So I run that action and then I justadjust a little bit I don't want it to look too faded but that looks pretty good tome and now I want this to happen to all the photos.

So instead of clicking overto the next photo, running the action again, waiting thatten seconds for the actions to run.

All I have to do is use ahandy-dandy script I have, come over here I'm going to highlight all of the layerswhich are the actions that I ran.

Come up to file, scripts and duplicate to alldocuments.

It's a great script you can also get onbreathyourpassion.

Com and now when I go through you can see the actions are applied toall of them and of course you might want to adjust a little bit like this onehere would look nice maybe with a little bit more contrast, bumping up a littlebit more of the mid-tones here and that looks greatand the rest are probably fine since those were just taken, you know secondsafter each other and then I come back to my scripts, same set of scripts that hasa duplicate to all documents script and go to save as jpg and close and it'sgoing to flatten all the images save them as jpegs and can close them and it'snot writing over your original file it is making a copy of them, which you areable to see right here.

So you can see all the originals on top and then allthe bottom of the ones that have been Photoshopped.

So just one last little, tiny littlething that I do that does make it a good amount of difference here.

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I will see you next time.

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