Easy Fix for White Balance in Photoshop CC

Easy Fix for White Balance in Photoshop CC

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ComThis is my first Photoshop tutorial in English and today I wanna teach you a cool and easyway to fix the white balance in your images even if you didn't shoot in RAW mode.

If you have a mirrorless camera, a smartphoneor even a DLSR you might notice that some of your images have a colder tone or maybein some cases, a warmer tone than normal.

That's because the white balance setting wasn'tcorrect when you took that photo.

Normally, before taking the picture a greycard like this comes handy.

But, what should we do when we don't haveone and we still want to repair that photo somehow.

Well, there is chance to correct it and thatis what I'm going to show you right now.

Let's do it! So, the first image is with a big white bed,which as you can see already has a horrible blue cast in it and we must find the correctwhite balance, right?Well, I've seen a few people trying to find the blackes and whitestpoints to correct the white balance in Photoshop, but I will show you a way which works forme all the time when I'm not shooting in RAW format.

Here is the first step.

I'm gonna create a new layer above this onehere, by pressing on this icon, or using the keyboard and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N.

Here ismy new layer, I'm gonna fill it with 50% grey, by pressing SHIFT+BACKSPACE, or by going toedit and pressing FILL.

Hit ok now, and there you have it, that'sit and thanks for watching this tutorial! Just messing with you guys, don't take itseriously, please! Select the layer and change the blending modeto difference.

And that looks weird, I know, but next adda Treshold adjustment layer.

Now, you can see here this histogram and aslider.

Drag the slider all the way to the left andnow the image should be completely white as you can see.

If you start dragging the slider slowly tothe right, you will see some dark areas starting to show up but don't stop here.

Try to drag it a little bit more to the rightjust arround the value of 20, 25 or so, but it depends to one photo to another.

Ok, done.


choose the eye dropper by pressing theI letter on your keyboard and zoom into the dark area by holding Z.

Now hold down SHIFT click on the dark areaand you will notice a little marker.

That means you just pin pointed that area.

CTRL+0 now to fit your image on the screen,and we are going to hide the treshold layer and the grey layer for now.

I will select the bottom layer, and I willad a curves adjustment layer.

You will se here 3 eye droppers.

This one is for the white point, this onehere is for the black point and this one is for the grey point.

Choose this one, zoom in closely again tothe marked area by holding Z and click exactly on that mark.

And that should fix your white balance.

Now we have a big white bed with a correctwhite balance, right? Ok, let's head over to the second image withthis beautiful woman reading a book in the park.

Again, blue cast on my image, I'm going torepeat the steps from the previous image, by adding a new layer, filling it it with50% grey and choosing difference as blending mode.

I'm gonna add a treshold layer and I willmove the slider around the value of 20.

Next is the eye dropper of course, I will zom intothe black area and I'm hodling SHIFT to create a mark.

Fit on screen with CTRL+0 or by choosing Viewand Fit on Screen.

Delete or deactivate the treshold layer, andthe grey layer, select the bottom layer and add a curves adjustment layer.

Click on the grey point eye dropper and hitthe marked point.

And there you have it, the white balance isfixed now and it look really good.

Let's see a before and after real quick, firstfor this photo with the bed.


And after.

And the second image, before.

and after.

Lookinggood, I like the final result and of course you can delete the unneded layers to keepyour project as clean as possible.

And if you like these stock images I willdrop you a link to them in the description.

That's it for today, thanks so much for watching,please share this video to all your friends, interested in photography and Photoshop, toyour neighbours and your dog and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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