E-mail Marketing – Thunderbird | Eliminar Espaçamento (Dúvida do Leitor #4)

E-mail Marketing – Thunderbird | Eliminar Espaçamento (Dúvida do Leitor #4)

Olá João okay? I'll have to answer you this, email qui sending you a video, showing you a solution I found here to eliminate this, these spacing here, which comes from the speakers.

When we copy here, we copy all, we end up copying the columns as well.

The solution is the following !!! You open this email that you did, opens a new e-mail.

I will open here a new e-mail and I'll send it even to yourself, I will copy here your email address.

Copy e-mail, I'll send an email to you, I'll put here e-mailMarketing.

Corel in vein.

OK And then here, I will center on his body here will centralize and agent will pass this elements out here, but let's move Individual way, let's just drag him to the here next, let's get all the items.

Let's drag him here to the side, pear there that I have to give ENTER here.

Had forgotten about that, lol You Click the image here and gives umm click the button right of the keyboard and then enter that gives you power to get down over here.

And then you ooutros drags the elements here could be Control Control + c + v, but so is more fast.

Institutional, registration, drag inside OK.

And now here, I have to open a little More here if not, you can not appear, Then.

And I will give Enter here also, O.

to put the other element here.

Same thing here, click here Side and I will give a enter here and we will pursue this sector here.

Drag this sector here to here, I will give Enter here too in the corner.

And US will get this other business here ok! After this, now this, I come down here, I'm going to enter here.

and I will, I'll even get more than one enter.

for us to be down soon on here.

I'll pull this one first pro space Here, I'll delete that I leave a space over there, I'll come here to the bottom.

I will to delete the rest here you're down.

Not to hinder us.

and now here, in your email, I'll pull here to this sector here, I'll pull that sector here.

Then I'll click here on the side.

and I will give Enter another for us to put that other elements that are missing, okay.

same thing here'm going to enter at the very end to pull this other element, same cisa here, a click to the side (keyboard>) Enter and we will take this element here O, Service, service you could have done the service, the payment form, you can share with this and call you can share with this because they do not that link, or you take and divide them all together.

No Link, unless you have a link on Some industry, you can catch up here far below, which will ease you a lot.

Click here'll side here now, I will give one plus one enter.

and we will copy the missing part here, which is this one, the Service, will give Click Here Side (keyboard>) a carriage for us to put this very end of the reserved direct here.

so now here I will open the e-mail, most and you will see that it will not have any division're ok? I will're on killing this email to you and this video here.

for you too.

for you to pick up the "Streetwise", no good I write this Here everything and make a giant Tutorial here to show you that.

And so suddenly this way here, if you also allow me, I can suddenly put that online video to help the Staff Rest and you also have advantage here to do advertising for 0800, to your graphics, that will not bother me one bit.

No costs me nothing, I do not know if Google will accept this if they are going to pay me.

the skin, video right, it is but if they do not pay me I think another way here, to explain pro staff, but for you, okay explained here.

And As for the links you can see up here to see if they are with links, if they are not linked, this first here I think not already had it.

I get it without the link, go here and gives here, to see they are links.


the first object you can see here and see if it is with all the links.

Clicking this will another here and you are going to see here too, so I'm using Thunderbird, which is the best video editor,.

email, Forgiveness.

of Today, so this one is the FACE! same.

Not nominate anyone to use another, unless the Thunderbird, I use Thunderbird here, version.

The version is if I do not mistaken to 32, lets see here in Help, About.

I'm already using the 31.

06 version is 31.


0 is.

Mine is portable, I can load he even in the very same pen-driver, the important thing is to give it to you to make a backup your files, saving only the Data file.

I have here, for example, let me think here, to show you, Chi Thunderbird portable.

So these folders here are important to me right here're Thunderbird to install on PC, but it runs straight as well, you do not even need installation.

And the folders Data, and Other App, they always keep my email without my losing accounts here without having to make new accounts.

I hope I have helped you that there certainly will're sending you this e-mail here and sending you this video of five minutes, and few, almost six minutes for us.

For you get well "MORNING" Way, there and be able to send the email in a good, after you sends me a test to see if there's it.

Gives not forget to check out Links right, and you have no links as here, for example, you have all this slice Setos here at O, no need to slice this sector, this, this and this.

Unless they have the link, if they do not link, as here also has no link, O If you can give a direct cut from here to down there, the less image better.

Easier for you to handle, you know, there is this manipulation that I did here, drags from one place to another without putting in column, but being that all centralizing world here, if anything, if anything happens gives a Control + A in all and then centralizes everyone here.

Ok John, I hope I have helped there, man, it's.

for you have your email ne, very cute Legaizinhos, was very good at art, I liked him a lot.

Congratulations is.

I have nothing to.


watch it here, I think he's great, okay too really good.

Ta ta ?, Congratulations and I hope I have helped you, the boot, link here also in the shop, which ta missing, okay? I do not know what the link that.

It was here, here that had no link at all.

But then you put here and gives a Ok here.


I'll send it to you here and I will add here that víideo a quick way for you send it there.

Big hug around John, and I hope that helped.

If you want to contribute there with the Site is also only get in touch with us somehow, any contribution is always very welcome.

A big hug and until next time!.

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