Creating a Calendar with the Calendar Wizard Extension in CorelDRAW X8

Creating a Calendar with the Calendar Wizard Extension in CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we're going to examinethe Calendar Wizard in CorelDraw x8.

The Calendar Wizard allows you to createcalendars in a number of different layouts either monthly, or yearly, as wellas various languages.

If you have not yet accessed the calendarwizard, simply click on the Welcome Screen, select Get More, and then click on the Get More button.

In here, you want to select Extensions, and then scroll down for Calendar Wizard.

I'm simply going to click on download.

You know that this is a free extension, so click on download.

Download process isvery quick, very easy.

I'm done.

All I need to do is close thisoff.

let's go back to our title slide, and now it's time to create a new document for my calendar.

I'm going to click on the new icon.

I'm going to set this to 8 1/2 x 11 or letter size.

I want to do alandscape calendar for this, and I'll click OK.

Now one thing I should pointout is that you can create a calendar almost any size, whether it be for theback of business card or a full wall calendar.

Now that I have my page ready,i'm going to go to Tools, down to Macros, and I'm going to select Run.

In the drop-down Macros In, I'll find my Calendar Wizard in here, I'll simply select it and then click on Run.

You'll notice that I have the ability toselect a year.

I can select individual months, I can select all months, or none.

I can change my language as well.

You'llnote that there's quite a number of different languages in here, however if there happens to be a language that's not listed, it's very easy to create it yourself.

Simply click on new, and then put in thename for the calendar, and then define the language as well as put in the abbreviations in whatever language that is in these open fields.

I'm going to click close on this.

I can tell it I want the week to start on a sunday, or specify which every day I want.

Here we have a number of different layouts, so I can go Month – Large +2 Small, I'm not going to go through all of these,do feel free to play with them and see what's available.

Instead what I'm going to do is I'm going to select 12 Small Bottom.

You'll notice that I have the ability to adjust fonts.

If I click on the small header, I have the ability to change my font, aswell as font size and font color both for my titles, for my headers, and when I go into small body I can change the information in here.

Very, very powerful extension.

I'm happy with the settings that I have.

i'm simply going to click on generate, and very quickly it's going to generate this calendar for me.

I'll click OK to that, and then Close.

My calendar is now finished, it's the way I like it.

I'm simply going to import an image to pretty this up a bit.

I'll go with my landscape image, I'llselect import.

I'm going to left-click and drag, and now I can take this.

I'llright click, Let the mouse button go, select Power Clip Inside and now I have the ability of editing this power clip and positioning it where I want to.

Now of course, this is a feature within CorelDRAW and not necessarily specificto this extension, but it allows me to adjust this, and put the design where I want.

Once I'm happy with that, I'll simplyclick on Stop Editing the Contents.

And the final thing I want to do here is I'll just type a piece of text.

I'm going to go with 2016, which ofcourse is the year that I've created here.

I can change my font, and do any amount of editing to this that I want.

I'm just going to change the color ofthat.

I'll grab a darker brown, I'm going to be using my eyedropper tool, and then I can fill that piece of text.

And there you have it.

Very quick, and very easy to create a calendar using the Calendar Wizard Extension within CorelDraw.

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