CorelDraw X7: Como Tirar o fundo de uma imagem

CorelDraw X7: Como Tirar o fundo de uma imagem

today we will learn how to take out a background is no longer in Corel Draw so even in Corel Draw X7 you double-click on your Corel Draw Awaits it opens.

sometimes you are making an art in Corel Draw and stumbles upon an image with a whole background white right, we want to get the background this image put it in PNG, and sometimes we have to go into another program, import picture, take the bottom export, import in Corel Draw But enough of much work Today you will learn a quick and easy way to solve this in Corel Draw even without opening another right program? here you go close ne? Here it appears even on my.

wait a little My Corel Draw here opened you click New Document I'll put here "image" in the name of my document here I'll put his size to A4 OK! I will give ok! I will put the "landscape" orientation, right! You come here to file, import, awaits.

I will import it, you give a click with the left mouse button, it appeared I'll put here a rectangle.

I give two clicks and automatically rectangle grip the sheet size.


the tool selection and is already the rectangle selected.

I'll paint it blue.

looks like you can the image is with the white background! You click on the image and leaves it selected.

when is this screen pattern, these squares around here, it's because the image is selected you come in editing, bitmap.


Waits a moment It takes a little right! Look at it.

Now you come here in image, Lab Clipping.

Time to open here the tool is already marker selected, right? and you can choose another Highlight Color I'll leave the same green.

OK? Here is tip size! the size you will use! will you explain here! you see that ball? I'm moving here in mouse this ball you drag with the scroll button to zoom in image you will draw the image select it as well.

This tip size is for you if you want to increase increase if you're thinking too small, you can increase! look I'll leave it at site ta ta good size you want change which you can also vote for red I'd rather see you go can approach the image and the image has the best for you can see better and to say if it will selecting it has to be with the Oscar have stayed with the left mouse button tall oil world tour not so complicated 1 and now for me to be able to power give it you need to be connected here with the left mouse button since then crushed and I'm dragging It is made around the image let's assume that you're so then you You can not find oze forth undo and you will return again It is just so just draw very caution they will also come available other video lesson targa windrow not register in our channel Kompany're going you video lesson on coreldraw on photoshop Also on html5 region even our channel to sign up soon to receive news also is also our site can take a look at our website there also has articles which is about the extent of program also on our facebook us stagnate only get ligadinho news if you have doubt boot down there You can place a comment you have to close I'm also put more you takes only you draw the picture you want to be assured that finished the infinity finished now I go here this little bucket that is the tool fill and will apply the Fill bet blue chose attacked Boscoli yellow then you do not alloy in the middle now you come view our image is the background gives what you want save changes and clicks itself wait you can close convert it warn image series may notice then was it guys the parish of igor and face and then to see more videos on spending thank you.

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