CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 LiveSketch

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 LiveSketch

True freehand sketching with editable vector output.

Curve recognition based on sketching styles.

Powerful tool that understands your sketching style.

Powered by a sophisticated neural network.

Use any digitizer tablet.

Microsoft Surface stylus, and touch.

Use different drawing styles.

folded strokes, chicken scratch strokes, and discrete overlapping strokes.

To start drawing, choose the LiveSketch tool.

Set the Timer to 5 seconds.

for more time to manipulate your lines.

Disable the Include curves button.

Enable the Create single curve button.

With the Timer set to 5 seconds, take time to smooth your lines.

To adjust the strokes and reset the Timer.

press Enter at any time.

Press Shift to enable Include Curves.

and re-adjust the existing curves.

Toggle on Include Curves to re-adjust existing curves.

Or toggle off to sketch close to curves without modifying them.

The sketched leaf is in full vector format.

eliminating the need for scan or trace.

Quickly produce impressive results.

regardless of your sketching experience.

Original artwork: Andrew Stacey.

Source: Youtube