CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Discover Extensions

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Discover Extensions

What's new? Discover Extensions New since X7, Corel Extensions can help you expand your collection of creative tools.

These are small applets that provide additional functionality to CorelDRAW, CorelDESIGNER, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, allowing you to complete complex tasks with ease.

Extensions are: easy to install, uninstall, update and use.

They are designed to fit well into your workflow, and usually augment the interface of your favourite application with power features such as: new menu items, new tools, advanced commands, custom toolbars, new dockers, and dialog boxes.

Many of the extensions are made to help designers unlock new creative possibilities and automate otherwise tedious tasks.

To get you started some of these tools are available through Get More for free.

All extensions are built at Corel and are safe to use.

In order to find and explore the available extensions, head over to Get More, by clicking "Launch", then "Get More Extensions.

" Get More is an online repository of many downloadable tools and assets made available by Corel.

Here you will find various Applications, Add-ons, Extensions, and Fonts.

To explore Extensions, click the Extensions tab and begin browsing the available offerings.

Select any entry to see an expanded view with more information about each extension.

Here you will find an in-depth description, a list of features accompanied with visuals and previews, to give you a better idea of how the extension will integrate into your application's interface.

Select the Details tab to learn more granular information about this extension such as: Download size, Release date and System Requirements.

Make sure that your system is compatible with each extension before installing.

When you are ready to install an extension, hit the Buy or Download button to get the extension.

The extension will then automatically: download onto your machine, install within the required application and run.

In rare cases, some extensions would require you to restart CorelDRAW or other Apps in order to launch for the first time.

This will be mentioned on the Details page.

Let's have a look at a couple of these extensions.

Pointillizer allows you to generate halftone-like patterns from both bitmap images and vector graphics.

It's a first-of-a-kind tool that produces vectorised mosaics that you can further edit and manipulate without loss of quality.

To learn more about this tool, head over to: https://www.


Be/H1GFy2vvCTU Additionally, click the Online Help button or visit the link below for detailed information about each extension.

The Impact Tool extension creates comic-book style effects using radiating and directional rays.

This is our first "Tool" extensionwhich means that it creates smart objects that can be subsequently adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

To learn more about this tool, head over to: https://youtu.

Be/fGRbq4ND9nY The Project Timer extension for CorelDRAW offers a simple and non-intrusive way to track the time spent on each project.

For simplicity, work is tracked per document and saved within your project files.

Project Timer starts and pauses tracking automatically based on your activity and user preferences.

When you take a break, Project Timer automatically detects your inactivity and prompts you upon your return.

And, records can be edited, fine-tuned.

and exported for billing and record keeping.

To learn more about extensions, head over to the Corel Discovery Center at: http://learn.



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