CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X8 – Korrektur perspektivischer Verzerrungen

CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X8 – Korrektur perspektivischer Verzerrungen

Correcting perspective distortion When photographing subjects having many straight, parallel lines or flat surfaces with structures it may be difficult to ensure that the lines and structures maintained and no through the perspective, the camera tilt, etc.


With the extended dialog box Straighten Image 'in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT can now perspective distortion in photos with straight lines and flat surfaces such as architectural shots or photos to be corrected of buildings.

The tool 'Straighten image' is designed to help photographers to correct these distortions and to restore the actual appearance of the subject in the photo.

This dialog box allows you to correct lens distortion to the user, to rotate the image and to correct the vertical and horizontal perspective.

Save time and use the built-in dialog box clipping function, to the image after application of corrections to the ideal size crop.

A customizable grid overlay dialog box enables you to make precise adjustments to the image.

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