CorelDRAW – Criando Cartão de visitas Preto e Branco

CorelDRAW – Criando Cartão de visitas Preto e Branco

Hello, welcome to another instructional video channel: Club Design.

I am Liute Cristian and video today, I will show you how to create this card visits, which is very easy and very simple, using the "CorelDRAW X6".

If you want to see how to create the same project using the "Adobe Illustrator" just access the link, here in the video description.

It is important to mention that this is not only a step-by-step.

Our goal is to teach to use the tools, then we will always view a few different resources and tools for you to learn how to use graphics software.

To this business card, we will also use some basic concepts of grid.

It is important to mention that you can download that file via the link in description of the video, to access the post there in the "design of the club" and if you want help also our project, you can access: "clubedodesign.

Com/loja" and acquire the same file, helping and supporting our channel and our blog.

Well, to create this project, I will use the "CorelDRAW X6," but do not worry the resources are available in basically all the latest versions: "X4, X5, X6 and X7".

For starters, let's click on the button: "New Document" which is here at the top and we will select the default "CMYK STANDARD", to the "CorelDRAW" provide us a page in size "A4" with the "default settings for printing.

" Then we will set up our page size to the final size of our business card.

We will use the conventional pattern: 9×5 cm.

Just you here select the page size box: 90×50 mm.

It is important to mention that although I am working with millimeters, you can change the unit of measure easily using: centimeters, meters, finally, the size you want.

Well, then setting my measurement unit to millimeters, will also modify the "Keyboard increment," which is this little box next door.

For I will select all the text there in and I'll put: 5 mm.

This will be useful for me to set the margins of my document.

Another feature that I will enable this point, it is precisely the option: "Align Guide lines ", okay? This will also allow me to align my objects to the lines guides I I will enter into my project.

It is important to check if the "Align page" also It is checked.

Then you will enter "guidelines" within our project that will set margins security, of our material.

Recalling that on business cards or any other type of printed material, the safety margins are important because they will set the maximum limit where you can organize useful information, such as names, phone numbers, elements that do not They can be cut into a finish, so to speak.

Well, then dragging the line to guide from the top ruler, I will place it in the corner page.

Oops, gave a dislocated and I press down on my keyboard, to move it 5 mm down.

5 mm because that was the unit I incrementei.

The same thing down here, I'll drag the guide line down and pull it up.

And after that do the same thing with the side.

Putting the line tab on the side, pressing for Right.

And the same thing on the other side, positioning and pressing to the left my directional keypad.

Ready! We have our margins Security, then, is this total area, where I can add text elements, or information that is important.

Next, let's create our grid, which will be used as a reference to position ourselves within the elements of our page.

To do Therefore, we will use a tool you may already know, which is the "Paper Tool Graph ", which is hidden within the group" Polygon ".

Then, just click on that little arrow black, or click and hold the mouse button and access the "Tool Graph Paper".

in this case, can be accessed using the keyboard shortcut "D".

Then I will set this My graph paper, to a grid of 5×5, where five rows by five columns.

5 columns 5 rows.

This will set me actually a setting, I can call "grid modular.

"Look, clicking and dragging, a line intersecting point guide to the other, I have a small 5×5 grid, I can call the modular grid.

each block this is considered first module.

Each column that is a column, and you also have the lines.

Next to that we can get rid actually this graph that we just drew.

you can pull guidelines, for each of the intersections of the lines, facilitating our work.

Come on do this ?! Just pull guidelines for each of the modules.

You can also convert this object in a guide line, but in this case I prefer to add guidelines that way, It is a preference of mine, but if you want, you can also convert this object to a guide, without dragging them individually.

For this you will need to open the menu: "Window", "Window Snap ", here you will open the" Object Manager "and from there, all you need to do is select this grid and drag it inside the "Lines guides" area of ​​the page 1, look that.

These objects become guides, beauty lines? I'll delete them, because I do not I want to work with these objects as a guide line.

I prefer the guides that way.

Well, then you can start to draw our first elements, our business card.

We will trigger the "Rectangle Tool" and draw a rectangle, going from this point to this point down here, just click and drag.

Then we will, now drag some vector elements inside of our project.

I've done downloading some elements, which actually, I downloaded at: flaticon.

Com, I'll leave the link to you in description as well.

Are some objects that are really nice, for you to use as icons address, phone and website.

I dragged the three objects in "svg" inside of my page, were very large.

Press the "F4" to expand the view.

And I will reduce them to one Size, of course, much smaller.

Holding "Shift", I selecting and lowering them for them become much smaller.

For some reason, when importing an "svg" for "CorelDRAW", it does not allow me to edit the height and width settings.

To you can do this, you need to select the object and ungroup it, even if he is a single object.

So you ungroup it.

There, look at that! The "CorelDRAW" now allows you edit it, high and wide.

So, I'll just move them here and ungroup them, so I can resize them freely.

Then with the "Ellipse Tool" I will draw a perfect circle, holding "Control" by clicking and dragging on the screen.

For now it is not important to me, set size.

Now yes, I will define the size, marking the padlock icon here at the top and selecting here the size of 8 mm, ready! Marking this lock, I restrict the issue for all sides.

Ie, the change I do above, will be reflected also, proportionally below.

Well, what we need to do now is locate and position these objects in points Strategic down here.

Well, in this case the You will need, a new grid, a second grid shall we say, a sub-grid in this part below, to which we can position the our elements down here.

I think 8 mm okay ?! Yeah, it was cool.

Okay, I'll place it here, I'll paint it black, by clicking the left button here and the Right I'll take the outline.

Ready in then I'll get back to "Tool Graph paper "and this time I will set a grid 4×1, look.

Then I will drag this grid down here to draw again, a small rhythm with four columns.

Four, not three! Let's decrease here, ready! Let me delete this.

And again, with three columns.

These three pillars will serve just so I put: My phone, my address and my website.

Then I will ungroup this grid.

Pressing "Control + U" to ungroup.

The "Tool Selection", I select my circle and will position the center of it, in the center of this rectangle look down here.

You notice that when you approach its ellipse, the center of your rectangle, it will automatically lock at the midpoint, look.

If you prefer, you can position it at least in line at least on the side, here the top of its rectangle, then with the "Shift", select it and press the "C" to align this ellipse in the center, this circle in the center of your object.

Okay, all I need to do now is two copies of my circle by selecting it and pressing "+", twice on your keyboard numeric.

And then with the "Shift" key will select the second object, press the "C" to align it in the center of the medium of the object.

Again with the second copy, I will select, holding "Shift" select another object and press "C" for him to go there the center of this object.

Okay, I need more of these objects here right? Ready! I already have, my circle up there.

Let's leave them there just to serve as reference and then we delete them.

Well, I will now define the size of these my elements.

I left my ellipse with 8 mm, let's set up to four and a half, 4.

5 mm width.

Let's do this for all objects we imported inside the "CorelDRAW".

So width of 4.

5 mm.

Then this here 're too big, you know, let's put his height: 4.

5 mm, ready.

Then we place them, putting them at the center of our ellipse.

For that I'll paint it white.

already selected holding "Shift", I'll click on my circle pressing the "C" and then the "E", to he come to his center.

Of course, my object was behind my black circle.

To this I will select the black circle and press "Shift + Page Down", to this object go back.

Look how cool! Pressing "F4" I can see the entire page.

Then I'll do the same thing with this object.

For me to make sure that it will stand in front of my circle, press shortly beforehand the "Shift + Page Up".

This will make the object come to the front of all the other layer.

Can I paint it white, holding "Shift", I select my middle circle and press "C" and "E" to align it.

Of course the little planet is here in the wrong place, let me put it across.


The same thing the phone, I position it here more or less, white paint, then "Shift + Page Up" him to come up, I select my circle, letter "C" to align the center vertically, "E" to align them horizontally.

And just look at our final result! Well, all I need to do now is to type my text.

For I will press the "F8" to trigger the "Text Tool".

I'll click on the screen and enter my phone.

I'll put a dummy phone.

Ready, let me place it down here.

1, 2, 3, 4.

5, 6, 7, 8.


And under the same: 55, two phones.

Done! I will change the font of the text to a font that I know you have on your computer, which is the source "Segoe UI" and will change the size of this source to "6".

It is interesting to know, mention that "6" is a very small size.

I'll take my chances, placing a small size 6, but you can use a larger size: 7 points, 8 points, according to the space you have available.

So I'll use 6 here because I already know that when I put my site I have a slightly smaller size.

Okay, I will place the top of that my source, my bottom line guide, look.

so I will have all my objects lined up there at the top, ie, their tops aligned with the guide line, the last line guide here.

From my grid.

For you align the object to the center, remember that you have both the circle and the rectangle here lining.

So for that you can select text, hold the "Shift" and click the circle and press the letter "C" in its keyboard to align the centers vertically.

Okay, then now we will go to the next texts.

I will select my phone here, duplicate it the "+", as I have my text, do not have to retype it.

Once you make a copy of the text, I will select holding "Shift", my circle up here and press the "C", to align it there too in center.

Now I'll enter my address! Before that, I will select the text and align it in the center, to ensure it go jogging, go to both sides by the time I are typing.

I will select my whole text by double-clicking and pressing the "Control + A" then I'll put my address: Rua D, 275.

City I live is "Barcarena" do not laugh.

To Brazil.

Ready! Then next door, I'm holding the "Control" okay ?! Holding "Control" and scrolling the mouse wheel to the side, I will double again this text and center it, here with my little planet.

Now, I will give two clicks, press "Control + A" and enter my address.

My site: "clubedodesign.

Com"! The same thing down here, let me give a "Control + Z" to remove the hyperlink.

I'll put our address from youtube.

Oops, it got too big.

Let's put our old address.

Ready! So we got there: All information address, phone and website positioned in bottom.

I no longer need more of these three blocks down here, leaving only the My biggest block.

Well, I'll give-click the "Rectangle Tool" to create a rectangle page size and will press the "F4" to view my whole for business card.

I will remove the outline that my background, just leave it there, no outline.

For what You can always see the entire page by pressing "F4".

The next step now is to draw another rectangle using now within this area my guide.

I'll click and drag to draw another rectangle and this rectangle from the center, I'll put my personal data in this case is already my name and my role here and the side the "QR CODE".

To create a "QR CODE" we will use the site: "Kaywa Dashboard" It is actually the "qrcode.



This site offers you to create "QR CODES" using: URLs, facebook addresses, contact cards and etc.

Simply create a free account using your facebook profile, for example.

The link will be in the video description.

I typed here my "URL", "clubedodesign.

Com", when one point then the reader "QR CODE", it will be directed to my website and click on "GENERATE" to generate this "QR CODE".

I will copy this image Right: "copy image "and I'll paste it here in my file in the" CorelDRAW "giving" Control + V ".

Okay, look at that cool.

Next, I'll roll the mouse wheel back and will decrease this object, so that I place it here, look, just at the time of my background here, my second frame.

Ready, then I will place it exactly on my guideline.

You notice that as it is a square, it will basically be the same size right, here a third of mine, My second rectangle.

And I will press the "Shift + Page Down", to that object go back my main rectangle, that looks cool.

So he was there behind, preventing the bordinha white finish cutting it here my rectangle out.

I will press the "F9" to you see the result for now, facinho right? So far, very calm.

Only guidelines, alignment and some texts.

Well, now I'll add my name, press "F8", by clicking on the screen and typing: Liute Cristian, press "Enter".

I will put here: Graphic Designer.

Ready, then I will select here a size 10, perfect! My source, of course, I will use here the font "Segoe UI", the same low and I will break this text separating it because the text below I want leave smaller.

So with these two selected objects, or better, with this text selected, I press the "Control + K" to break the text, separating the two lines.

On the bottom line I will drag a little bit to up and will decrease the font size to 8, that looks cool! Here you can do the same optical adjustment, positioning text here more or less in a legal position, it gets interesting.

Look, you're done! Let me give an "F4" here for us to see the entire card and look at the end result, our business card, almost ready! If you also want to establish a grid, to which the object has a margin more consistent, a more standard room, you can define for example: 2mm displacement.

And you can duplicate this tab by selecting it and pressing "+" and shifting this tab to the right side by pressing the directional arrow to the right.

Ready, then you can position your text exactly that 2mm guide, edge of your object around the side out.

Look how nice it was, our business card.

Well, I will add here a small margin.

By double clicking again on the "Rectangle Tool".

And then I will reduce my card, my biggest rectangle, now that was inserted into the page size, for it to be a little beyond my security.

So for that, I'll change the first one here My shift to three millimeters and I will move my guidelines.

I'll add new guidelines by dragging them to three millimeters within my business card.

I am just placing my guides and pressing the directional keypad, to the left and to the right and in this case up here and down.

Ready! I will select the rectangle with a black border, okay ?! That is down here, it is important that has another back here, let me delete.

I will select my rectangle with a black border and I will hold now here in this corner of the control: The "Alt + Shift" key while I drag.

Because "Alt + Shif"? The "Alt", allows me to resize this rectangle freely, ie, even if I'm using the control in the corner, holding "Alt" I can only reduce the width and height only.

If I hold the "Shift", I do this to both sides, proportionally to all directions.

Then "Alt + Shift" allows me to free this control rectangle, placing it here, pronto.

I can release the click and hold the "Alt + Shift".

Look how cool! I will give a "F9", so you can see the result, as it was cool.

Well, a very simple business card, now we will create the back of it.

I will press the "Page Down" on my keyboard, to the "CorelDRAW" insert a new page for me, just give the "Enter".


A new page with all my guides will be inserted.

This here "Okay" one "porridge", but do not worry, you can be located easily, because by while still simple guides.

Next, here I will drag a rectangle, using the edge page until my guide down here right? My penultimate tab again.

And a new rectangle here at the bottom too, now starting this penultimate guide until the end of my page.

This tab, under this square, I do not need to paint, but I'll paint him white and remove the outline.

But the square above the rectangle above, I will select it paint it black.

And remove the outline as well.

From that point I will draw a small logo, symbolic, just to mark the spot.

I will select here the "Tool Rectangle "holding" Control ", will draw a rectangle proportional okay? A square proportional, so to speak.

And I will turn it 45 °, using the speed control up there.

Then I'll set the size of it for a round size: 20 mm, okay? Remembering that we're there with marked cadeadinho.

I will press here, right on the white color to paint his white edge.

And I will press the "P" for him to go pro there middle of the page.

But I do not want that my diamond in the middle of the page.

I want him in the center black rectangle.

For that, with selected diamond, will hold the "Shift" and I click on the black rectangle, then I press the letter "E" to align the centers horizontally, look just that cool! There, he stood there in the middle.

I'll just type my initials, "L" and "C" out here, put in bold, italic will take, bold.

and the source "Segoe UI".

Then I'll paint it white and position it in the center there, look, pressing "P".

Well, I want it on the horizontal and vertical center also.

I will select here my diamond and press the "E", that looks cool.

We have then, then, a kind of well logotipozinho basic, just to mark the spot where you can put your black and white logo.

If you want a little more sophistication, you can round the corners that your diamond, put here.

1 mm radius, ready.

Look at that cool.

And that's it.

You have your business card ready, look at that cool: Duplex.

Is that you You can edit it the way you see fit, adding and removing elements.

If you want to work with him also in negative, you can also do this right? You can leave it completely black background and elements within the business card, white.

Let me reverse the objects here, look at that cool.

And you have a business card negative, where objects are in fact white, on a black background.

What also It does not fail to give a legal and attractive result.

I prefer that white boy! It is solved.

Well, that's it.

It's a simple business card.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

I will also show to you how to create the same project, using the "Adobe Illustrator".

To do this, click on the link that is here in the video description.

And do not forget to visit our blog: "Clubedodesign.

Com" and our social profiles.

All links will be down here in the description from the video.

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Until the next video, a hug!.

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