Converting Multiple Files with the File Converter Extension in CorelDRAW X8

Converting Multiple Files with the File Converter Extension in CorelDRAW X8

In this tutorial, we're going to examinethe File Converter Extension within CorelDraw x8.

The File ConverterExtension lets you quickly convert all files in a folder to another file format.

you can choose to overwrite the original files, or create copies of the filessaved to a new file format.

In addition, you can select differentpage sizes for vector files, and you can set resolutions and color modes ofbitmaps.

You can also take a multi page file and have each page saved as aseparate file.

The file converter can handle 20 different file formats.

This is a great time saver when you needto convert a large number of files to a different format.

Now it's time to access the extension.

If you have not already downloaded this extension, simply click on the Welcome Screen,select Get More, and then under Extensions, you'll find it located in here.

Let me close this off as I already haveit installed.

I'll go back to my title slide.

Fromtools, down to Macros, Run Macro.

Under Macros In, I'm going to select FileConverter, and then click on run.

You'll notice here I have the ability ofselecting my source, so simply browse to where my files are that I want toconvert.

I've created a number of CDR files inhere.

I'll simply click OK on this.

This gives me the ability to pick andchoose which files I want to convert.

In this particular folder I want to convertthem all, so simply click on Add All, and then click OK.

You'll notice that I also have theability to search subfolders as well.

In the Destination is where i'm going to beputting the converted files.

So again, I'll browse to the locationwhere I want to put the converted files, and click OK.

You'll notice here I have the ability toconvert to, and I can select the different file formats that I want tosave these files out as.

I'm going to select PNG.

I'll click on my advanced settings, and Iwant to specify that I want these with transparency.

So click OK.

Notice that I have the ability to saveeach page as a separate file.

One of these files that I have in here is a multi-page file with different frames in it and you'll see that once you've donethe conversion.

I select this option there's othersettings in here as well such as applying color profile, converting textto curves, as well as setting up page property and bitmap resolutions and thatsort of thing.

Now it's simply a matter of clicking onconvert.

As it goes through the process, converting my files for me, you can see in the bottom left handcorner the status as to how that conversion is progressing along.

Now that we finished the conversion, it'ssimply a matter of clicking on Exit.

Once I've clicked OK and now if Ibrowse to that folder You can see here I have my original CDR files, and theseare the converted files.

Note that the multi-page document hasbeen broken up into separate pages, and I can actually take one of these andyou'll notice that if I take this and drag and drop it onto my CDR file, youcan actually see that it does support the transparency.

So as I say this is agreat time saver if you have multiple file formats that you want to convert tosomething else, or if you have a number of, lets say, CoreDRAW x8 files thatyou need to share with somebody else who is running CorelDRAW X6, then you can doa mass conversion and save them back as an earlier version.

Again a great way tosave time in file conversion using the file converter extension with CorelDRAW X8.

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