Hello, my name is Ricardo and I'm a technical support technician.

Well the tutorial today how to vectorize images or photos in corel draw x6 / x7 / x8 Putting images or photos in good quality and in editing form.

Vectoring jpg or png images For example I will click on this boot and I will change the color this ball donariz I can change the color to yellow I can paint my hands in yellow Including changing parts of the vector ie edit any image This model was already ready would like to ask them to leave the like and sign-up channel First procedure and put the selection tool and click on the image Let's click bitmap and then click convert to bitmap I'm going to leave it in rgbmmm, you can choose cymkque and the print format Let's click ok Well I've done the conversion and you may have noticed that the quality has improved a lot Now I'll remove the background and further improve the image quality Now we will click on trace bitmap and in contour tracking I'll choose the detailed type.

Now the choice of you will depend on the image it is up to each one to test the best format of the vectorization I'll choose the detailed logo because my image is a drawing require more details Because I need a more detailed vectorization The software will now turn the image into bits You can see that we have vectored with details and also removed the background I'll adjust the details tool Ready the image and removed the background.

Let's click ok I'll remove the image from above These details do not appear in print Try to vectorize images already in the size of which you will use the image Doing this will prevent errors at the time of printing Now I will click with the right mouse button and I will click on ungroup everything Now the image has been in edit form Now I can change the color format so I can redo the whole drawing according to my edition I hope you enjoyed it and subscribe to our channel until the next video.

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