Como Traduzir o CorelDRAW X7 (32/64 bits) – PTBR 2016

Como Traduzir o CorelDRAW X7 (32/64 bits) – PTBR 2016

To translate your Corel Draw X7 to Portuguese is simple! first download the translation file, you find the tutorial text, link in the description from the video.

There you find the translation into Corel 32 and 64 bit, download according to your version of Corel.

Once downloaded, extract the file to a folder, enter the folder, and then between Languages ​​in the folder and copy here EN folder, then go to local disk C and its Corel is 32 bits between the folder Programs Archives X86, if 64bit enter the Program Files folder.

Here enter the folder Corel, CorelDRAW and then here Languages ​​please delete the folder EN and then Cole EN folder that was copied at the beginning of the video.

Okay, just open your Corel Draw and it is already in Portuguese.

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