Cartoon Effect v2 Photoshop Tutorial | Portrait into Easy Vector Cartoon Photoshop for beginners

Cartoon Effect v2 Photoshop Tutorial | Portrait into Easy Vector Cartoon Photoshop for beginners

in this video i will show you how we create this simple cartoon effect using Photoshop inspiringBee.

Com Hi, Viewers welcome back to another tutorial this is the final output for this tutorial choose any model image here Iam using Photoshop CC if you are using different version, Don't Worry this tutorial for all version, And same method of process Every Time you can try and create different output with the same method ok, Lets GO> First use Quick Selection tool (W) select like this Create New Layer fill with color use paint Bucket Tool(G) to fill color hide this Layer use PEN tool (P) and select like this fast forwarding then Right Click make selection click OK again create new Layer (Ctrl+N) and fill the Skin tone Color hide the layer again select PEN Tool(P) and select or Draw like this fast forwarding fast forwarding press Ctrl – Enter create new Layer (Ctrl – N) and fill again select like this press Ctrl – Enter and DELETE draw.


small and all things to get i have also Shown Quickly draw all detailed things like this to get more perfect cartoon effect Don't be angry and do like this Ctrl – Entre Create New Layer(Ctrl – N) use pen tool (P) and draw all detailed things Duplicate the Image (Ctrl – J) and bring it to TOP and select all over created Layers make it to GROUP (Ctrl – G) click the Duplicated IMAGE and Create the Clip Masking (Alt-Ctrl-G) then GO > Filter > Filter Gallery > CutOut select cutout the Adjust click OK change the Blending mode to "Soft Light" see the diffrence go to the Down and Create Curves adjust Color click Clip mask see the difference select the "Lip Layer" and give the 'LIP' to Stroke small Level and add Brightness clip mask click the duplicated Layer Press Ctrl – U change the Hue/Saturation click OK Change the LEVEL Adjustment Little bit hide the 3 Adjustment Layers click the duplicated Image Layer change the mode to Normal Brush (B) give some smooth to duplicated image add more dark finally change the Blending mode to Soft Light and this the Final Output OK Viewers, Thanks for watching if you have any doubt or suggestions visit our Facebook page & Message Us! and don't forgot to SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! check out over all other uploads ok THANK YOU.

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