hello everyone how are welcome again my channel delcavideography Remember that my name is Javier creator of this channel and this is your channel graphic, audiovisual and photographic design where you can find a series of video tutorials that teach programs on my channel as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Sony Vegas Pro and Lightroom, perfect I want to welcome people who come to my channel for visit my playlists, where have all the information on the channel YouTube pass through the playlist, can participate in all These tutorials that I have available to you in this case we are talking Corel Draw where you can access the list by example and save it as a list of favorites so they can check and see the tutorials on your Basic order to perfect their order progress apart from channel also recommend you visit my website where you can access the section coreldraw in this case and to navigate a series I write articles and add to what I teach on youtube.

May see also downloads that complement learning what I teach also in the channel and the most frequently asked questions and further invited them Also to be passed by facebook fanpage to me and join my community and are earrings all the news that I'm constantly putting this page agreement.

Once That said let's start with the tutorial coreldraw, here we go to talk about the Halftone effect, a rather interesting effect that so far no He had tried much on my channel but it is interesting then basically that is.

How you can tell it is a gradient generated through spheres that change in diameter and are generating this so interesting effect widely used in the pop art and some impressions as comics and as manga.


In this case we are seeing that the miniature tutorial is full of these examples and for shows button I made an example here of what is a bird of an owl head – crow as I have called them.

It is a hybrid that I invented and designed it to stop it is part of my channel.

I'll be announcing soon a little What is it about.

What is this effect Halftone, that we saw some Examples of what we can do with this effect so interesting now what we do is teach the steps to proceed to this effect first of all as always a short pause to understand theoretically very While these steps.

then it is important to mention that these only functions as a map bits and not as a vector and that happens not only Corel Draw but other programs so we will have much use this module bitmap for to perform halftone effect.

Halftone what end? Halftone is a halftone we use for this purpose then 1 steps would convert bitmap and in the latter case we will perform Gaussian blur one third we will apply the Halftone in this case would be the midtones Spanish and the fourth point is converted back to bitmap but with a difference then we will see in the process.

Before you do this, teach that depending on the resolution as I do that bitmap conversion of my vectors or my items I am using CorelDraw will depend on the resolution if it looks more clear or less clear, and it will depend also on what we we want then for example 100 points per pixel 150 points and 300 points pixar per pixel differences and each shall be conditioned to what best suits your needs Perfect, let's do the exercise with these three elements a circle one star and text here then to begin we will perform the four steps I mentioned above and we will simply copy this item we will not put this first point here and what we will do is that we convert it to bitmap agreement in this case then put on 150 points pixel will select 24-bit RGB and this selected pressed to to accept then I copy, I put it here, the next point is to return map bits, come to blur and Gaussian blur or denfoque, let's Select a value corresponding to the size here also I do more small and perhaps stop in a value that is 8.

6 in this case because It really is a small element but the proportion of this effect no longer daus of this blur also have relationship with my affection for halftone Okay then pressed doubled and hit what we're going to make a every time we turn these bitmap let us go to color transformation and option Halftone or halftones, let's get all left we give the maximum value of the radius point to make them bigger and effect see more notorious as noted in this table we present and we accept the Halftone effect as may be given effect accounts is pixelated because we are talking about bitmap and we're not talking about vectors.

perfect but I can go further and manipulate this we will double this and what we will do is we're going to bitmap, let's go convert bitmap to go up this to 300 dots per pixel will transform in black and white bit and we selected this and press to accept.

How can you account is an image and a bottom, the advantage of having a bit is that I can manipulate both the background and fill color in this case if I give left-click for example the Red mouse to convert this red and if I heard you right click on it not Filling takes my fill and here they can realize it and I can change the color of this asbestos has a great advantage because it allows me make those changes color and adapt it to sr then it will take that form and perfect agreement we will do the same with the star we will double star put in this site and we will perform again will convert bitmap Let's put on 200 in this case rg 24 bits we will double each to put here we will tell bitmap blur or gauss blur blur we will no longer leave the same value because it is a size with the previous we will duplicate what we are going back to bitmap and let us go to Halftone color transformation and this result will again have We accept duplicate to be here as an example let us go to again convert bitmap give an annoying and 300 select one bit black and white see default as this we remove the edge and we want to read tricolor this case he can not put green that those who agree and have that result we will do the same with text duplicate to have it here.

Doubled to convert bitmap in this case I'll put 300 for more differences and accept rgb 24 we duplicate bitmap blur Gaussian blur again masters no value because the size is suitable bitmap vámonos for processing color and halftone or Halftone here and we have this result without the smaller dots then this has that relationship duplicate bitmap we will convert bitmap the end we will for black and white a live and live and we can put away the green Fund says more circulation and have this result then this will We can take any shape in any way I will expand this we will expand this and what we will do is also taught them other ways as I have played in this case as if it were a galaxy and changing its color or as if they were these concentric circles You can also manipulate its color and look at the very interesting result where at the end they can stick to mix each other as we see jackfruit and in this while the case as is usual I entered r tools repeating pattern and I could then great this very interesting way that can really be practical for a specific project and everyone is used this technique as and that suits you best suits your needs that is the Halftone effect and what is not commenting the principle is this command this aspect it became inspired to design what will be the official mascot called DelcaVideography and that mix is ​​body Crow and Owl is owl and will be the official mascot will go home page now put everywhere and we could use them to say many things I'm thinking graphic image make this channel soon I'll be doing a drawing for a month, a bus rates Shirts You DelcaVideography the logo and mascot to make them earrings You can participate and win five of Mexico from Peru Argentina and Colombia to Venezuela and Spain in so many countries that follow me and are awaiting my content well then this is the Halftone effect already know how to apply look interesting result for example in the pet as you can see in eyes body that seems to be merely the texture of the feathers and so it can do what they want it is important that your creativity is the limit and everyone applies it to what suits you in my case came a pet I found it very interesting and I will be I promote it touting for a case for a contest I want to do later when he arrives to 25 thousand subscribers then are all very aware any questions you may have me Commenting on the house below do not forget to subscribe to mind my other visit tutorials, I have at all levels and being contacted and do business who wants to work with me DelcaVideography projects can contact by internal or write down the canal can contact Also before the DelcaVideography @ g mail.

Com or you can write me through facebook page.

perfect being no longer we wait the next tutorial next week already know they are every Tuesday and see to then.

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