Aprimorando nós no CorelDraw X7   Alterando Registros

Aprimorando nós no CorelDraw X7 Alterando Registros

personal hello hello readers and followers there Corel in Vein staff accompanying agent in social media Today I'm going to bring a quick tip for you here I hope you enjoy it! It is about rt with stirring lines in CorelDraw I've done a class talking about in actually a bonus tip talking about.

And talking about the CDR Tuning tool but unfortunately the CDR Tuning in CorelDRAW X7 not work in CorelDRAW X6 it works quietly.

Even in the X5 and X4 there you can're increasing, Changing here NodeColorCoding and changing other functions here as well as the text colors when you select and also the issues of guidelines.

This tip I found in Corel Forum already have a good time.

And It was a question that Joshua, Jesus Cota, if I remember correctly.

Left, he left this tip actually who left the hint was the Anand and Anand left this tip there, I'll're letting in the Description Video for you.

I'm already here with CorelDraw Open and agent will're going straight the subject.

When you in CorelDraw X6 when there CDR Tuning, nodes appear here different colors indicating whether this is cusp us, whether it is symmetrical or smooth or it's a plane node.

and CorelDRAW X7 has no way we're doing it for us here have different colors is to know what type of node it is.

There's no way we're doing it at all here in x7.

are WHAT I I, I got this tip, and decided to write here for you real quick.

These other tips here, I had already talked about it on the tip I gave bonuses the "secrets of the Bezier tool !, talked about us here, what kind of, we like that we are, and if you want to watch this video, I'll be the link here for you, watch for you, here Cdr Tuning is the one I told you there.

This one it will open there this way here and you will configure geito you want and will give SAVE.

And here when you do not want more you can open again and return program here to original settings.

OK? In X7 does not happen, I will separate here nodes so you can see the difference here have them all in blue and sometimes when we're with certain funds.

It is as Jesus spoke there on the Forum, is they do not appear, it is difficult to the people working with them.

I'll're closing my CorelDRAW and we will change it here, it is in the race here, and with that.

Ninja technique he taught for us here.

I'll save this document here, I'll close my CorelDRAW Here we close the Corel agent and now will do WHAT? We here in Windows, we will change so here there on the record we will put here Regedit and then you give one and then Enter a SIM for you authorize to open the Windows registry editor.

I have to up the way here, but I will show the full path for you as we're coming there, let me close everyone here.

The folks here in HKey_CorrenteUser after the gnete will Software, ok after Software, we go as far as Corel yeah, your briefcase Corel, choose then your version of Corel version 17, go to Draw, Draw ok and you will click here Preferred application, will open here too Preferred application, ok ApplicationPreferences, and there ApplicationPreferences agent we will get for our briefcase here, which is pastinha the Node Edit Tool, for us to edit nodes, here Node Edit Tool, Right here.

And here Node Edit Tool and here in Node Edit Tool, we have here the NodeColorCoding, whether to give-click it and it will change this number here from Zero to One.

It will give Ok one and will close your registry editor.

and you are going okay by reopening the one here in CorelDRAW.

OK? I will open here.

Ready document open, I will give F4 here, and we will there on the last page there.

We will see the difference now when I select here, I select all of us here, I to with the Shape Tool and free hand, I'm going to put in here regular rectangle.

This half Document forth, the object over here are green, and the other half are in red, fis it on purpose even have to happen when this, we to see the difference.

I hate to open a new document here, é.

Fazer one lines here, I'll make up with her free hand even here, do a risk here.

OK? Agent will now take the shape tool (F10) and you will see that are all green there, so when you move one to Cúspde, pressing the letter "C" of the keyboard, for example.

I have d will this tip too, it will turn red if you press the "S" letter he via back there again here to symmetrical.

I will shake here the letter "L" forgiveness, he plan with the letter "L", pressing the "C" us back with him to the cusp and he changes the New color, the same as agent could do on the X6 now agent can also make the X7 with this hint al.

Recalling that so is at your own risk, because you know you will're moving in the registry Windows.

So I will leave here, here ta address here under HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Corel CorelDRAW 17.

0 Draw –Aplicação date Preferred application, ApplicationPreferences forgiveness and Node Edit Tool And i you will click on that NodeColorCoding ta within the record, there let me open again here the folder ok.

Regedit and there inside this briefcase you will mess this document here, this files here.

Note that my now it's in (1) A, and he is in (0) Zero, then getting in (1) A, our us will be treated in this al medium.

When we change the knot here, for example, Move to "C" here it will turn red to peak, if I put the letter "S" it will do here symmetrical, ok If I put the Aletra There he will put the plan.

And it will change color, you will go're getting identify best there its, its us.

This is a cool tip Muto, a great super tip, if you you want to watch the video here I spent the tip of the CDR Tuning here.

You can watch the video CDRTuning Clicking Here in WATCH THE VIDEO, and you will see that these What differences these tips I gave here the letter "C" the letter "S", the letter "L" and also the Alt letter that's when we want're moving into position and to finish with the space bar is the.

Our lines.

I gave a hint of how we can're Vectorizing so using this technique and using the tool.

Bezier, okay? In this tip here I going to this.

this information for you, I hope you've enjoyed and also that you share there with others or with others there Network.

To that more people can're using this same technique there in CorelDRAW X7.

My very Thanks to all staff.


Até the next tip Corel in Vein I hope you've enjoyed this tip.

I hope you share there also with their networks.

My very Thank you is until the next Corel ai tip in vein.


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