Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #9 – Professional Masking #1 (Calculations)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #9 – Professional Masking #1 (Calculations)

Hi Guys, Kevin here.

Welcome to part 1 of my professional masking tutorial series.

In this video I’m going to show you howI would mask out the trees in this image.

Trees and plants are on the top of my listof things I mask the most I think.

I’m going to mask it in a way that I canreplace the sky, If I want to use the trees on black, I have to use another method that I’m going demonstrate in part 3.

Alright, You start with heading over to your channels tab, over here.

Now you see the red, green and blue channels, click on each of the channels, and see which channel creates the biggest difference between black and white for the trees and sky.

In this case it’s the blue channel.

Now you want to select the blue channel and go to IMAGE>CALCULATIONS.

In this calculations menu you can combine different channels together with different blending modes.

Now source 1 is our selected blue channel and source 2 is the channel we want to combine it with.

I’m sticking with blue for source 2 asdefault its set to multiply I think, and thats not bad at all but it’s not good enoughyet.

Now what you want to do is change the blending mode to ADD and play around with the OFFSET value.

This is looking much better.

When you press OK you can see that it has created our new channel named alpha 1.

What you want to do now is holding CTRL or CMD on the mac and hover over the channel thumbnail and click on it.

The mask is now selected.

Now head back to your layers panel and create something to put the mask on.

I’ll pick a curves adjustment.

Now with holding the ALT key press once in the thumbnail here to see the black and white version.

With the brush tool I’m going to clean upthe mask.

Let’s invert the mask and place it on ourbackground.

I’m going to place a solid color behindthe trees so you can see how the mask turned out.

Like I mentioned before in the beginning IfI want to use it on black it needs a little bit more work.

In part 2 of this masking series I’m goingto show you how to improve your mask even further.

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