Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #7 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial #7 – Photo Manipulation By Kevin Roodhorst (CC 2017)

Hi Guys, Kevin here.

Thank you for joining me.

Today I’m going to show you how I’ve created this astronaut artwork which I made in 2013.

This is also one of the most popular art works I’ve made, someone even decided to have this as a huge tattoo on his arm, I will show you a photo at the end of this walkthrough.

I had to do a lot of experimenting with this one too.

I spend a lot of time playing around withthe light effects and different color overlays.

Let’s jump right in.

And I'll show you how it's made! This is the stock photo I used for this project, you’re barely going to recognize him after all the effects are applied.

Once I masked out the astronaut I desaturated all the color and used some curves to darken the left side of the suit.

Now let’s turn on all the clipped layersof the astronaut.

Let’s jump back to the background and turn all the layers on.

Here I decided that it would be cool to work with the colors red and blue.

I started with making some soft brush strokes and placed a couple nebula textures on top.

Now let’s go back to the astronaut and turn the layers on that are clipped on top of the group.

I would not recommend to clip anything onto a group, most of the times it will cause problems, especially if you work with different blending modes, I didn’t knew that back then obviously.

Let’s take a look at the light effects behind the astronaut, im just going to turn the layers on 1 by 1.

And now let’s do the same for the lighteffect on top of the astronaut.

After applying the overal grading, I merged everything again and desaturated some of the colors a bit.

Let’s see what the difference is from startto finish.

By the way.

This is the tattoo I told youguys about! Pretty cool! It’s also featured in a french photoshopmagazine.

Thanks again for watching and speak to you later on social media, take care.

Source: Youtube