Advanced fill and transparency tools in Corel DESIGNER X7

Advanced fill and transparency tools in Corel DESIGNER X7

The new Content Exchange is an online repository that integrates with Corel CONNECT and the suite’s applications, making it quick and effortless to access and share vector fills, bitmap fills, and fountain fills with a community of other users.

Access content available on the Content Exchange or on the websites of other online content providers.

You can also access content from previous software versions that is stored on a CD or DVD.

You must sign in to your corel.

Com account to use content from the Content Exchange.

Accessible from the property bar, the Property Manager docker, the Edit fill dialog box, the new Fill selector makes searching, previewing, and selecting fills quick and easy.

It also provides access to both locally stored fills and those available in the Content Exchange.

With the new interactive controls you can now create elliptical and rectangular fountain fills,.

And apply transparency to individual fill color nodes.

You can smooth the blend transition of a fountain fill.

You can change the angle of rotation of a fill, for example, to match the projected illustration.

You can also save personal fountain fills and share them in the new Content Exchange.

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