hey friends i am from Dibeez Technologiestoday I'm going to tell you some of cool tricks and photoshop so let's getstarted for first effective soft glow first of all open adobe photoshop go tofile menu and open required file on which you want to perform action in theright hand side in the layers panel right-click on the background and selectthe duplicate layer option a duplicate layer will be created rename it if youwant to now right click on a duplicate layer and choose levels a levels dialog box can be open then below preset choose run instead of RGB modefill the values 50 , 1.

00 and 200 now again right-click on the duplicatelayer and select convert to smart object now choose lens correction under filtersmenu and new dialog box will be popped up in it feel the value of vignette asminus 100 just hit OK button that's it here is brand new pic second effect is retro film openrequired image in layers panel double-click on the background now rightclick there and choose blending options in the blending options panel in leftside choose color overlay a list is showing in front of blend mode chooseexclusion within it and select appropriate color as you wish I am goingto choose light blue set opacity at thirty percent that's it here is yourtransformed retro pic third effect is beach boost mode open any photograph , click on the adjustment layer option within the layers panel choose black and white a new layer will be created nowabove this in the properties box fill the value of red as 120 take the tintbutton fill yellow as 50 and opacity options within layers panel choose softlight option you can also adjust the color of greenery and other things bydragging button on right or left side it will increase or decrease the mode ofphoto now choose lens correction within filters and fill the value of vignetteas minus 100 hit OK button that's it here is awesome version of yourphotograph fourth tricks name is old sepia it'sused by most of the professional photographers open any of your photos onwhich you want to perform this trick in the layers panel double-click on thebackground click on hue/saturation affecting adjustment layer option above this in properties option fill thevalues of US 35 and saturation as 25 check the colorize option your photowill then transformed into black and white pic now again right click on the backgroundin layers panel and choose blending options there are two bars in the bottompart of blending options now press out button and drag the second bar fromstart towards end and the effect will be performed just save your professionalphotograph now it's time to tell you last effect of this video which issmooth blur open required image right click on your photo in layers panel andchoose convert to smart object in the filter menu choose gaussian blur withinblur Phil radius between four 60 and press ok button in layer panel anew effect for gaussian blur is now showing click on right side of it hereis blending options of it give it an opacity of fifty percent and mode willbe screen that's it guys now you can see the different version ofyour photo if you want to see more videos like this video subscribe to ourchannel and don't forget to give your feedback in questions in the comment boxdown below thanks a lot friends do visit our website www.


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