1MD: Get Rid of the White Background in Photoshop

1MD: Get Rid of the White Background in Photoshop

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Today I'm going to show you how to get rid of that white background that sometimesshows up in your placed Photoshop files into your Illustrator layout.

Um, there's really,uh, no trick to it, I'm just going to show you what goes on.

So let's say you have painstakingly cut outof the background the object you want to place into your Illustrator layout.

You know it'sgone, you saved it, but when you place it into Illustrator it looks like this.

It hasa white background that you know is not there.

And it makes it impossible to put it whereyou want it and do things with it in your layout.

The only thing you need to do is:when you are in Photoshop, you need to save it in a different way.

Most of you are usedto saving images as they come which is usually as a jpeg, which most stock illustrationscome as.

When you do your editing and when you go to save, go to FILE, SAVE AS, and selectPhotoshop instead of jpeg.

Make sure it has the.

Psd extension or you can also use the.

Png extension.

But save it as yourdocument.

Psd and then when you place it into Illustratorit is not going to have that white background it's just going to look like it's floatingin space and you can put it anywhere on your layout that you want.

Okay, thanks so much again for watching anduntil next time, bye-bye!.

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