11Mil Fuentes PREMIUM para Photoshop Ilustrator Corel Draw 2017 – GUIA para instalar GRATIS

11Mil Fuentes PREMIUM para Photoshop Ilustrator Corel Draw 2017 – GUIA para instalar GRATIS

Very good at all in this video I share 11000 sources for design projects graphic, thank you for your visits to this blog proyecto07.

Com remember to follow me on networks social and subscribe each time we publish new entries are compatiendo materials as templates for Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw and we will keep rising new resources all related good graphic adiseño this time I have eleven thousand sources and we can see in properties are more than eleven thousand four hundred ninety-four files and is organized in alphabetical order, from the letter A to Z and also numbers Latra from 01 to 10, well as we know to create a font style as much as in illustrator, Photoshop CorelDraw, also in word, excel, power point always need a font, font style that is our taste like our customers or friends, or something that catches your eye, then here I have eleven thousand designs I'll leave completely free for you to download, you will not find on any website these eleven sources thousand good sources cost me five months ago but buy because you're my Subscriber that you visit my blog proyecto07.

Com because you're on social networks, something which cost 40USD but I'll leave this video totally free for you to download, then I do a little show, opening first installing these sources and well let's first here to see the control panel have if we write here we can sources Get this font folder where is where is stored or saved fonts for use with programs, well let's see here how many sources there are 310 items These are defects that brings Windows and now what we need to do is install something we call attention we will look to see what we will install, we will not install However, we will install only 1 to show see this, well then let me show I have to eliminate this source for my machine does not get too heavy, then let me Note bloq score in the name of the source.

as installed there are 2 ways to install, simply give 1-Click can put right install and automatically installed on the source folder where the source find or we can do this we have to do is simply another way to copy and then vaos here and stick control more V PASTE ready! now here then we're good now to do and it can close voila! let's try first with word, write anything AN EXAMPLE let's change the font source we have here appears we settled here then we will make bigger, shape, bigger, there, well, make this style of letters and looks good Pretty in Word, now imagine if we created in photoshop we will open good photoshop I will also open ilustrator, I will also open ilustrator is to show how the sources, well we already have? good! Well now let's create new, let's choose slightly larger 300 x 600 mmm 550 white etc.

will create a text (EXAMPLE written), ready! let's change font, style of letters and we will select the source Here we have, in this way we achicamos the letter is, well! In this way we can create more personalized letters and present professional quality call letters attention either for our projects or for a client.

Now let's see how it works in illustrator, we illustrator we are going to create new document ready! put text let Capitalize (Sample text.

), and also we will change source.

here we go! we have in this way, then gentlemen / as have here 11mil sources, more than 11mil sources also there are sources.

Fuentes 3D 3D also you can install and use these wonderful Christmas we also have, also about movies, there are also valentine, apart from that here in folders 11mil styles letters in alphabetical letters A, B watch this movie to create a CINEMATOGRAPHY we have these wonderful fine! Well now if we have installed many sources on the machine Now we want to take because if the machine is installed all going to get heavier, good to just uninstall you'll control panel here in this write part SOURCES and opens the font folder and simply delete it, we will remove this install, We give it a good clicking says "It is impossible to eliminate another program using" we must Close open programs, remember these sources can be used either in packages Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

and also with any design program graphic and also with any operating system you can install and use, then now We have closed programs and we will give a cli remove it ready! We have already eliminated is only 310 items that come by defects in windows, well thank you friends by watching this video, remember it's totally free to download, if you have any questions do not forget to write below this video and also write blog, remember the This download links below this video, there is also a video link that teaches otherwise You know how to spend shorteners links where you can download without any problem, a hug all if you're still not subscribed to this channel we invite you to subscribe up more video with these types of materials completely free sharing a hug to all PASSING ALL RIGHT!.

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