#04 Série CorelDRAW – Efeito Halftone bolinha

#04 Série CorelDRAW – Efeito Halftone bolinha

Save save my buddies, okay? Well.

this one will be the last video of the year, okay? 2016 was a very good year! ???????????? on the first Tuesday 2017 us back in full force, but to end this year with a golden key, nothing better than to return to the CorelDRAW series okay? and I'm using the version X7 so without further ado, let's go to video.

Good staff, oddly enough this one is the new CorelDRAW interface okay? I'm using version X7, why, I do not like to use the X8 version because it is very heavy here on my PC then I get better with this here why this one adapted well on my computer got a very well done and support everything okay then we will open here then guys.

here is the interface when you start it.

the foundation of everything, okay? and today I'm going to teach you guys how to do the Halftone effect or "effect of the ball" or how you prefer to say okay? I'll enter some text here right? and I'll put my normal name press "P" to centralize will replace the Arial font, to this source right here, the source "PEPSI" I'll leave the link that source down here in the video description if you are interested or want to do something of the kind there is here O you press "+" to make another text layer as this one and you leave here.

reservation here over here okay? and I'll paint it any color here, if Green is that green're more than good I press "G" to do the gradient fill.

let me see so OK! let see the angle I want here okay! but only one stop ????? I'll set here in filling, okay!.

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