03  Tools (View Tools of COREL DRAW X7)

03 Tools (View Tools of COREL DRAW X7)

Hello Friends Welcome to this video & alsoWelcome In my production I told you in my last lesson that My next Lesson will be base on tools So my third lesson is based on tools.

So We learn thatHow to make anything in Corel Draw.

?? Means How to work every tool.

?? I hope you will like & enjoy this video.

First We take A new Document I told you about that in last video.

But I tell you this again First we will write document name & we can set our formet from here.

You can choose any formetaccording to your work I keep it Custom wise,Because it is better.

We can adjust page Size in Pixel we keep normal size here.

Because Maximum work on Pixel When we make big Banners or boardings,then We use inches.

So we keep it on Pixel.

Then we select small page by ok.

Our page has been open.

So let's start to understandevery tool one by one First tool is Pick tool.

We can also call it Selection Tool.

Some software has givendifferent names of this tool.

So you don't confuse.

Because it works same,means do selection.

Some tools don't use all times, butyou can try to undrstand by yourself.

Now I will show you main tools.

This is Shape tool.

You can see many patternof Shape tool from here Shape tool is very Important in it.

Expect this I will tell you aboutit's Short cut key in Next Lesson So you must watch my next lesson too There fore you have to knowhow to work fast in it.

?? This is Crop tool & knife.

I draw something for you.

We can take color by left click.

Now we take Crop tool Then Select our subject &press Enter key.

then we will get a Crop part of Subject.

So crop works only this way.

Knife works with crop.

You can see a sigh above Now you have to press leftbutton of your mouse on hold.

then stretch it round by hold Then leave it to connect.

So it works like this.

Mostely Shape tool isimportant than Crop tool Now I will tell you about Smooth tool.

This is also not work more than.

First Pick tool, Second Shape tool& third is Crop tool Now we work on Shape tool First we Select All Subject.

Then you can zoom in or zoom outby scroll of your mouse Sorry System Created any Problem.

It will be solve soon Now It has been Solved Automatically.

Now I tell you aboutShape tool from starting First here is Line tool.

All tools don't use for every works.

It's depends on our requirements.

You can see that Shape tool,Line tool are Important We can create something bythe use of line & Shape tool I pressed F4 key for Zoom I will tell you aboutShort Key in my next video So please Like, Share& Subscribe on my Channel Because of Subscribe you can getall information of my Channel or videos.

You can learn many things by my all videos I pressed Ctrl+A For select all Now we do Convert to Curve.

We want to Smooth, Sowe hold mouse & go to curve We can adjust it as we want You have to need morethan practice for this You can do fast work by practicing.

Now Look at thisIt looks like an Apple.

You understood this tool properly Line tool is also important in it.

We use of it like this It gives us some pre-sets.

It works like this We fill color in it by right click because Color has two things First Fill & Second is Out line I show you how to use of color.

I filled Yellow color by left click You can see out line here.

I set color on out line.

We can change color by right click.

We use Left click for fill.

Means fill color Inside We Color on out line bythe use of right color Now we will talk about it's border.

We will double click on out line.

So a dialouge box opened.

Then we can dark it's Border from here.

If we want to dark border more thanSo we can put size here We also keep your border size in Inches.

You can see it on Screen.

It works like this.

We will talk about Line tool.

Now I click here with Ctrl.

You can understand it by this video Means what I am doing or not.

?? We can give size to a Line.

We can also change Out line color from here It gives us some patterns, So we can use those Patternsaccording to our work Now we stretch the Line with shift key If you don't select itSo it will ask you for Permanently You don't do this.

Because It will create problem for you If you will forget that Soit will create problem for you So you select it & use all options of it.

You can see on the screen, as I am doing.

It works like this.

asI am doing on the Screen This is for Out line.

You can selectdifferent Shapes of Lines.

As you need, you can select it from here.

As I have selected, You just seeon the Screen.

We can also adjust boxesfrom here like this.

So it works like this.

You can understand aboutall tools by Screen It is all about black & White You just see Intently on the Screen.

These are some presents here.

We can get Symbols from here Those given us by corel Draw If we need, So we can take any Symbolaccording to our requirement It uses like this.

You can see many option in it.

We can also take colourfulpatterns from here Its look very stylish.

This is Corel Draw X7, SoIt has new features you don't need, thatyou have to use Corel Draw X7 You can use any version of it.

We can also take Fruit patterns from here Now I select that then I pressctrl+C for copy you must watch my next video, because I will tell about allshort cut keys in my next video Now we double click on here We can arrange all fruits, as we wantOr according to your need As I am removing fruits,you can see that on the screen You can also do your work like this.

It's really Good Some tools don't use more than.

But if you need Soyou can run it by your self I mean according to your requirement,You can use it.

If you want to draw a box,So just take it first & keep your mouse left button on hold Then Straight it for draw a box.

Now I pressed Ctrl+Z for undo Again I am trying to draw a box.

But this time I didn't pressany key frm keyboard I am only holding mouse left button If you hold mouse left button with Ctrl.

So It will give you a proper shape of box.

Like 02 by 02 or 04 by 04.

You can see it on the screenmeans How I am doing this.

?? You can see running numbers on the screen I change into Inches, there foreyou can understand easily Now it will give us size in Inchess Now I draw a line, It has show it'ssize 08 by 02 Now I press ctrl with left button of mouse,So Size has been Same.

You can understand it by practicing So must practice daily.

There fore you canunderstand it better than All tools work like this Geometry is very important in it.

If you want to see more hideoptions of any tool So you just click on it's corner.

You can see tools name& works without any click Means whenever you go to any tool So it works easily You don't need to take tension for that Now Geometry is really important in it.

If we draw a Star, So wecan set it's Design as we want Means you want it's cornerSlender or corpulent You can also set is length We can adjust it here We can adjust Row & colums of a sheet Means Horizontal Or Vertical you just adjust it accordingto your work requirement.

You have to learn it by practicing Without practicing youcan't understand it properly So you must practice There fore you can beunderstand it better than.

Now you please see on the screen,What I am doing.

?? It is counting a full area.

It counts like this.

We have more options in Geometry.

If you want to make any advertisement,So you can use this tool I will tell everything about that I have maked an advertisementof Kachhua Chhap by using of this tool I enjoyed that work So you can choose any design from here Every thing is here for your work.

All things you will get from here.

Your work will be easy to dobecause of these symbols & also your time will be save.

Banners are here.

you can color that.

you can design like this.

Now we talk about Text.

generally We type text.

I am writing With the help of Shift key We can change font language from here Here is font size.

We can make our font small or big by this.

Means we can adjust font size from here.

So It works like this.

We can do many things with text.

Please Subscribe on my Channel We can change color of font.

You understood about text.

If you want to make logo with text.

You can see it on the screenAs I am doing.

We can adjust font size from here.

You can do Smart work on it.

So it works like this We can set it's all things from here tools session is bigest,because all tools have their own work You must do work on all tools.

Specially Important tools you must learn.

there fore you can bedo work faster & quickly I will tell you about many features of it.

You can work with every tool.

Accoring to your requirement Some tools may be unable to use.

This is like geometry.

You can do it by majorment But it is use on 3-D effects.

You will get many knowledge of that.

friends you can see all activityon the Screen because you can learn it whenyou will see my activities This is Shadow.

This is not 3-D.

We need 3-D for shadow.

We can adjust Shadow by it's pre-sets.

You can see on the Screen We can color on it.

Look at thisI have set font color now we can set color of Shadow.

You can light & dark your Shadow like this Means we can less it's transperancy If you keep transperancy less than.

So your work will be show properly You can understand it by yourself.

You can adjust it like this.

This is Fether option.

I will make another tutorial I will tell you about Fether, transperancyor any other useful things.

You can learn more thingby my next tutorial.

So you must watch that video.

You will get more profitby watching my tutorial.

I will tell many interestingthings in those videos.

I have told everything aboutall tools in full details.

Now we set Shadow from here You can understand itby Watching this video We set shadow like this.

We can manage it from here.

We can also set it's color from here.

You can try to understand by Screen.

We adjust it from here like this.

We have to open it's lock You can also adjust a particular Channel.

Both will be live together after lock.

Cause difference amongHorizantal & Vertical You can just adjust it as you want.

Now you understood this tool This is a blending tool.

Which is very amazing in it.

We can also call it Mirror.

For Example I created box here.

& also filled color in it.

now I have taken this tool.

& Connet text to Square.

Look at this now We can take it everywhere,I told you according to text Now I tell you according to the box.

Now press Shift+Ctrl+left button of mousethen make a Square.

I Set Size.

& also lock Size.

There fore Size will be Set.

I have Copy this.

I will show you all Short cut Keysin next video.

You must watch my next videofor Shortcut keys.

Now I color in the box.

Now I go to the blending tool.

You can see it's name here.

So I will set it from above.

Now I connect to both boxes.

It looks like this.

It will move with mouse pointer.

We can adjust it.

Now I press Ctrl-Z for Undo It has more things You just focus on the screen.

Now It has been Comprised in it.

It has combined in it.

You can understand it by practicing.

I take box again.

Then I colored it.

You can choose color accordingto your requirement We select another tool We can make design by this.

Means According to requirement I adjust it for that If you concentrate on the screen So you can understand better than It only works for editingExpect this no need of it.

Then This is Envelope tool.

Now I made a Rectangle We can adjust it according to it's Size.

We can make design like this.

You can see my work on the Screen You can do your work like you do.

Now let's we come to the next tool.

We can make Any object in 3-D.

It gives us full direction of 3-D.

But It will not give you full Impect of 3-D We can set it by yourself.

We can change it's color also.

It looks like 3-D Box.

It run by holding of mouse left button.

Now you can run it like this Actually it will not give you proper 3-D.

But you can understand it by practicing Transpierancy is very important in it.

Now you can see all my activitieson the Screen.

But you must practicing I hope you are understanding better.

We can't see Object of behind it So we use Transpierancy tool.

Here many options for transpirence mwans we can choose whatwe want for transpierancy Now It has been transpierent We can adjust that now.

It works like this.

So It's Pre-sets are here.

I will tell you about Short cut keysin my next video You can see pre-Sets here on the screen.

I have to update it again.

But pre-sets will not workfor us more than.

Now I Restart it It happens sometime SoWe should Save or Save as our files always I hope you can understand all tools.

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So this is good for us I will tell you every thing about colorsin my one video.

How color correction works for us.

I created a box & also colored it.

Now we taken Crop tool.

If we want to change color, SoI clicked on blue color Then Crop & click on Second box.

It generally use on Photoes.

So Color will be not present on color bar So we go to that photo &left click on the photo So photo picked that color,then paste here We can color on outline like this.

Before that I change color of inside.

There fore you can be see outline properly I taken pick tool, then Clickon the out line.

As you see that we taken pick toolfrom first box & click into Second box So It is for feel of every color I take different color for understand it So I taken a normal color.

now we want to change color of boxes.

So I taken pick tool from here.

We can call it crop tool I click inside of boxSo color will be fill We can also color on outline.

So we color on out line.

It works like this.

Specially It works for Image.

Means If we want to drop image coloranywhere So we can use it Now again I take Crop tool So we work like this on it.

Means pick one color from one place& drop it another place You can understand it like this I will tell you about Color correction &Short cut keys In my future videos.

I will tell you everything aboutCorel Draw X7 in full details.

So you must watch my future videos.

My next video will be relatedto Short cut keys You can learn more things on the Screen.

How Short cut key works.

??I will tell you about that in next video.

I will tell you How to work fast On it.

I hope you understood this video.

So friends please don't forgetto Like, Share & Subscribe So will be right back.

Okay, then Bye Friends.

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